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one more day jacque


By irish


one more day to go jacque,, you all packed and ready to go.. plants and garden will be given the once over tomorrow before you head off?
weather here has changed, it has been lashing rain since yesterday evening and hasnt stoped yet. so no gardening for me today, guess ill just have to clean up inside the house lol.

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If you have rain, Irish, it will definitely come across to us with the westerlies. Forecast is that it's on its way. Well, the garden needs it. At least jacque will be under cover most of the time!

22 May, 2008


aye spritz it will probably head across to you at some stage. didnt mind when it started raining yesterday evening, thought it would have cleared by the morning but no such luck.. jacque wont care about the weather where she is going, she is going to have a brilliant time.

22 May, 2008


It's drizzling at this moment -12.45 - took Henry out about 9.30 a.m. and a few spots fell then. Might get a few things done this p.m. but probably not. :-( My house will get cleaned definitely takes second place to the garden!

22 May, 2008


There has been a light steady rain here for the second day and it feels so damp and cool. Still, I'm heading out there shortly to move some shrubs around. This is perfect weather to do it. HOUSE CLEANING Spritz ? I almost forgot what that is :) It sure does take second place to gardening. My intentions are always good. I went up to bad last night thinking " it's going to rain again tomorrow so I'll get the vac and dust rag out in the morning ". They're both still in the darkness of the closet :)

Have a GREAT time Jacque. Looking forward to reading about and seeing photos :)

22 May, 2008


Im so glad im not alone ! I just said to hubby this morning we need a bit rain so I can get some housework done ! lol , Gardening forever , housework whenever ! ?

22 May, 2008


haha love it Weemamabell you could make a plaque and hang it in ur house/garden!

30 May, 2008

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