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slugs ahhhhhhhhhh


By irish


after a couple of days of beautiful weather everything in the garden was flourishing. we had heavy rain during the night last night and when i checked the veg this morning all i could see were loads of slugs,,, i had planted marigolds at the front of the vegs and they had eaten these first, then moved onto the today i am declaring all out war on them.

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! ! ! Slugs eating your plants ! ! There were so many slugs here aswell, but now they've been buried under my new topsoil. None this morning, but I don't think it will be long before they find their way on to my new soil. Yes, all out war. I'm with you all the way !

9 May, 2008


Please include SNAILS in the war! I have more of them...never knew there were so many types until I had to surround my precious plants (remember my new Clematis!!!) with pellets. Small yellow shells, smallish striped shells, large brown shells...

9 May, 2008


My hint - if you have a flat roof to a garage or outbuilding, throw some snails up on to it. This seems to encourage more thrushes into the garden

9 May, 2008


i did that today andrew thanks, i put them on the shed roof for the birds,,, snails and slugs i am out to get spritz, and your right there seems to be so many different ones. you buried them blodyn lol, i got my son to put some of them in our wheelie bin, pity the binmen when they come to empty it lol

9 May, 2008


Last summer I sat and picked snails off one of my Agapanthus plants - I spotted them hiding under the leaves while I was weeding - There were 21 of the big brown kind. I put them in my trug while I went off to do something else - and they all crawled out and off over the grass back towards their hidey-hole! They didn't stay there long - I threw each and every one into the stream!! Serves them right, don't you think?

9 May, 2008


lol yes i certainly do think it serves them right

9 May, 2008


I don't think all species eat living plant material...? I have lots of the yellow and stripey ones, but they don't seem to harm anything. I don't get many of the big brown ones. In fact, the only real problem I get is with slugs on my lillies and delphiniums - nothing else seems to get them - I thank my frogs and hedgehogs :-) (tries not to look too smug...)

10 May, 2008

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