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Finished work early today so thought i would sit out in the garden an enjoy the sunshine. There seemed to be an unusual amount of wasps around though, even some in my kitchen, mind you the back door was open so guess they came in that way. im wondering if other people have noticed a lot of wasps this yr,, im hoping ye all say yesssss because otherwise i might have a nest of them nearby.

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Poor u Irish ! My Neighbour Ann was only telling me over the Garden fence Yesterday that there was a wasp in her shed trying 2 build a nest on the Ceiling in there?I had 1 today crawling on my hall net curtain but none more than normal?

7 May, 2008


bees i love wasps i dont lol,,,,,,,,,,, i did see one in the shed today so maybe they are making a nest , ill need to go check tomorrow

7 May, 2008


Had three nests last year and just left them to it.They build new each year so never return to old nest - my mother used to make wasp traps .She would hang jam jars from fence posts a dollop of jam half fill with water a slit in greaseproof paper secured with a rubber band for the lid. The wasps would crawl in and drown.Each year she would swear there were more wasps than last year.

7 May, 2008


Can't say I've seen any wasps yet, but plenty of flies. I hate flies ! Wasps - well those black and yellow srtipey ones anyway - always seem to come in late summer around here.
I've always got my back door open, Irish, like you, so am plagued by flies. My cat (name Blodyn) catches them for me, then she eats them, yuck ! I've also found that a piece of kitchen paper placed near a sunny window or door, with a few drops of lavender essential oil on it tends to deter flies, don't know about wasps though. Gives a lovely scent in the room aswell.

8 May, 2008


aye bonkers i have tried traps like your mother used to do, havent made em up fir few yrs but think ill have to resort to them again.
ill also try the lavender oil on kitchen paper too, it might work on wasps.
thanks guys. let you know how i get on.

8 May, 2008


Hi Irish: One more comment re wasps. Have just bought 2 Waspinators. On my blog you can see one hanging in a tree. As wasps are territorial they won't come within 200 feet of another nest so because they think the fake one is real they stay away. So far so good after even one week. They cost about $10.00 for the 2.

30 May, 2008

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