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managed to get to b&q this afternoon. quiet proud of myself that i didnt go mad buying plants lol. i got some good bargains out there. i picked up a twisted hazel reduced to half price, some sweet wiliam also half price and a bleeding heart. also got some liner for my hanging baskets, want to put tomatoes in them this yr.not a bad days shopping.

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Wow u did do well Irish :)

8 Apr, 2008


just luck isnt it jacque, some days i could go and not really see anything i like

8 Apr, 2008


A good days shopping Irish

8 Apr, 2008


hopefully a good days gardening tomorrow, weather permitting

8 Apr, 2008


We had a reasonably good day today, some sun and not too cold. I cut back my Penstemons and started on edging the lawns. BIG job in our garden, like the Forth Bridge! Henry was very annoying and kept dashing into the stream, gettimg stones and chasing them round on the grass - he wrecks it doing that! In the end I had to put him indoors to save my sanity. Didn't go anywhere near any Nurseries or Garden Centres as I have maxed out on spending on plants this last few weeks! (Worth it, though, Non, je ne regrette rien). :-) Well done on not over-spending!

8 Apr, 2008


O your so mean Barbara lol shutting henry indoors lol,I had2keep playing ball with Summer agin this morn when i was doing them window boxes in end i just kept kicking it for her lol cos my hands were2busy :D

8 Apr, 2008


Did I miss something Irish, tomatoes in hanging baskets ?
Would that work for runner beans and save all that messing about with canes ?

9 Apr, 2008


lol im no sure if it would work on runner beans.... maybe you could try and let us know how you get on .

9 Apr, 2008


Your B&Q branch sounds a lot better than ours, Irish. Have had opportunities to visit several branches in and around here, but not found a thing I'd like to buy (good for my "wallet" though).

9 Apr, 2008

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