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sunday morning


By irish


well did everyone enjoy the extra hour this morning?
i did lol. i actually had a lie on , the 1st one ive had in months.
its a beautiful morning over in Dublin, sun is shining, theres just a wee bit of a breeze.
ive been out in the garden playing with 3 nutty dogs, 2 of mine and one who came visiting from down the rd lol.
kitchen floor is full of paw prints but hey i dont mind, i have a full day off today so plenty of time to clean it and im going out tonight with my all in all it looks like it will be a good sunday.
hope everyone here has a brilliant day today.

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You are so lucky to have it really nice and sunny in Dublin Irish,It is bucketing it down here and is so grey and miserable.

Glad you managed to get a lie in though,and yes I can relate to the muddy paws syndrome.

Hope you enjoy your day and going out with your family this evening.{smile}

Me and hubby are having a take it easy day today which makes a change as we are normally either out in the garden or over at the lottie if the weather is kind to us

26 Oct, 2008


well Tina i hope you and your hubby enjoy your relaxing day,
if you get bored you can come and wash these floors lol

26 Oct, 2008


Lucky you.. its been pouring down here on the south coast...and the wind is very strong.....not a day for gardening lol......have a great day......Holly

26 Oct, 2008


sounds like you are getting the stormy weather we had for the last few days, hope it clears up soon for you

26 Oct, 2008


The wind has died down a lot compared to what it was doing before the weekend and it is milder than yesterday,brrrr it was really cold...

No problems with the floors,I seem to spend a lot of my day on my knees cleaning up after the cats and their muddy footprints and the way they seem to get their food everywhere when I put it down for them lol....

26 Oct, 2008


the temps really dropped during the week didnt they? glad to say they are back up a wee bit now.
glad to hear your cats are as messy as my dogs lol

26 Oct, 2008


It rained this morning, but now it's just windy and cloudy. The horse chestnut has begun to shed leaves, and they have all blown onto the grassy path to the gate. I'm going to attempt to rake a few leaves off the grass before the grass dies underneath! I'm not really loking forward to this task, but someone has to do it...I don't think Henry wants to, and my husband seems to be having a nap.

26 Oct, 2008


get henry to start barking Spritz maybe that will wake your hubby up lol.

26 Oct, 2008


LOL - LOL again! Do you know, Irish, that is EXACTLY what happened! Mind you, Henry was a bad dog because he went down in the stream and began to bark while I was raking - and wouldn't come to me!

I am still laughing at what you said. I did get lots of leaves raked up, though - I ignored Henry in the end.

26 Oct, 2008


lol Henry must have read what i wrote Spritz, clever dog.

27 Oct, 2008

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