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blind dog !!! update


By irene24


Been to the Vets Maia,s ulcers are healing but the other problem are the cateract in both eyes and that wont get any better ,only worse i read somewhere to put bells on the other dogs collars to tell Maia where they are .Have been to several petshops qnd they have none in so going to Mansfield tomorow see if they have them in bigger shops.

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Is there nothing they can do about the cataracts Irene? I know that it's fairly routine to remove them in humans?
Glad to hear that the ulcers are healing, that's good news at least.

5 Apr, 2013


They could remove the cateract but its not 100% succes
And it costs £ 1000 per eye ,she seems to be getting around at home ok ,just needs more attention from us which we give her gladly

5 Apr, 2013


wow that's expensive!!

5 Apr, 2013


sorry to hear about the cataracts, that must be very confusing for your dog, do they rely on smell more if they cant see very well?

5 Apr, 2013


Smell and sound the vet said she walks with her head down to the floor using what sight she still has

5 Apr, 2013


i hope she can manage, and be happy

5 Apr, 2013


Age can be unforgiving , but she is in caring , loving hands .

6 Apr, 2013

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