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November 2022


By hywel


Hello everyone :)
I thought I’d write about how my plants are doing this month … well it’s such a dreary time of year isn’t it and most of my plants have given up for the winter

However I had a few nice clumps of Liriope until recent winds finished them off …

Cyclamen …

Several pots of Begonia semperflorens braving the weather …

There are a nice few flowers still on my Fuchsia ‘Lady Boothby’ (which Shirley Tulip sent me a while ago) …

I’ve never had any success with Lewisias but a few weeks ago I saw them reduced in Home Bargains so I bought two, and this time I’m going to keep them with my cacti and succulents, in the hope they’ll enjoy the dryness inside my greenhouse.
One of them is flowering :) …

Two pretty tropical forest cacti from southern Brazil …

Rhipsalis pilocarpa :-

Rhipsalis campos-portoana :-

I bought a new house plant in B&M Bargain shop,
It’s called Calathea musaica ‘Network’
‘Network’ because of the pattern on the leaves …

I bought another nice-looking plant (so I thought) but after coming home I discovered it was actually lots of seedlings in a pot …

It was not named, and after looking it up I found they were coffee plant seedlings.
I’m going to pot them up separately eventually, but I don’t know what to do with them all, I haven’t got room for a plantation !

Here’s one of my succulent plants flowering – Orbea variegata :-

Back outside …
Callicarpa berries :-

A pretty Chrysanthemum …

Cotinus …

Cheerful bright Euonymus …

Jasminum nudiflorum …

There needs to be a lot of tidying in my garden now, after I had builders doing a small extension for my kitchen, and building a greenhouse (I’ll show it to you soon) It’s full of cacti !

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You still have a lot of colour in your garden, Hywel! 👍😀

I've only got lots of Pansies, a few Geraniums & Pelargoniums & a Fuchsia or two. Nevertheless the Pansies make a great splash of different colours on the balcony railings! 😀

22 Nov, 2022


Hello Hywel, its nice to see you back - I was thinking about you only this morning (must be psychic!) You have lots of lovely colour still. The Liriope is looking good - that's something I've never grown.
I did try joining Gardeners Corner about the time when so many Goy members went there but I didn't have the patience to bother getting familiar with it. Its a pity so many follk left because there haven't been any problems for ages, touch wood.
Did I ever tell you we took Chilli in for neutering and the vet rang us to say she was pregnant (the cat, not the vet...)But there were five kittens and we felt it was just too many as neither of is too well.
Its good to hear you extension is finished - must be such a relief! So now you're having a gtreenhouse as well - that will keep you busy.
Enjoy yoyur winter jasmine - mine isn't out yet. Give your puss a stroke from me.

22 Nov, 2022


lovely blog Hywel, as usual plants doing well under your care.

22 Nov, 2022


Good to see you again Hywel, with so much colour still to make you smile. I do like your Cotinus … blazing away just like my new one in its autumn finery 🙂.

23 Nov, 2022


Its so good to see a blog from you Hywel, you've been missed on here, I know we are in touch but its not the same on the other pages is it, not knocking any of them as I do enjoy reading through them, the ones I can work properly that is, lol....You will be running out of space in your new extension with all of those seedlings, I don't know anything about coffee plants, I'll have to do some research, it will be interesting to see them growing though, I like the other new plant as well, its a very attractive one with the marbled leaves. You still have plenty of colour going on in the garden which is good considering how late it is now, my fuschias are also doing well, thats a lovely chrysanth, I've added quite a few this year, some I've had to bring indoors as the darn wind broke them down...That is a lovely cotinus, I like that colour in amongst my greenery, planted one a couple of years back but I'd purchased the wrong one, mine has turned out to be a green one so a bit drab looking, I will get the correct one, didn't chance it this year due to the heat and drought....Lovely blog and photo's x

23 Nov, 2022


Hywel I was so pleased to see your name on here again. It is lovely to see your plants both indoors and outdoors.
Watching those coffee plants develop will be fascinating and do let us see what happens to them.

Please remember to show us your greenhouse next time ………there MUST be a next time please!

23 Nov, 2022


I am in agreement with everyone else Hywel!
It is so good to see you back on here again!
Shirley sent me the Lady Boothby cutting and has been slow to get going as I put it in my raised bed which has a trellis at the back, but all the other plants grew so well , that it got hidden.
Shirley sent me another a few weeks ago, so will look forward to seeing it next year.
You have a great selection of plants there Hywel.
The Callicarpa is lovely and an unusual colour berry.
This is another one which wouldn't grow in our last garden, and haven't room for one here now.
I wonder what your coffee plants will be like when they grow! You will have to stay on here now so that we can see the progress.
I love the colour of the Cotinus.
I would also like to see your new greenhouse !

23 Nov, 2022


The Orbea variegata’s flower got my attention in particular. This looks like the famous or to one’s nose, the infamous “carrion flower” which gives off the odor of rotten meat in order to attract flies for pollination purposes. This is a great blog Hywel....Thank You!

23 Nov, 2022


Thank you all for reading my blog.

It's a pity about the kittens Steragram but it's best to have the cats neutered.

The Orbea didn't have any smell Loosestrife. I had one many years ago and it smelled horrible but this one must be a different variety.

I will show you all my greenhouse after I've tidied the mess around it. I can't take any decent photos at the moment.

24 Nov, 2022


Hello Hywel, how lovely to see a blog from you, especially as you have such colour within it!

The Cyclamen foliage is beautiful, as are the flowers and I'm so pleased to see Fuchsia Lady Boothby is alive and thriving in your garden. Aren't those Lewisia flowers gorgeous?

I am surprised that B&M are selling a pot full of coffee seedlings as a houseplant, that's a bit cheeky! Good luck with growing them on ...:o)

24 Nov, 2022


Hi Hywel, so lovely to see you appear again! I love your selection of plants, especially your clumps of liriope. I have one liriope and I think I might need to move it as it hasn’t flowered this year.

24 Nov, 2022


Good to see you back on the site, Hywel. Loving your blog and pics - such fantastic colour persisting for you in to November.
I did love your ‘plantation’ comment.
Your ‘succulents’ are looking great too, the Orbea is a wonderfully, tropical looking bloom!
The Rhipsalis, I remember you posting befor, it has such pretty, almost fairy like flowers.
Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your next post!

24 Nov, 2022


Thanks for all your comments, I have taken a little break. I also took one from other sites recently.

Pity about the cactus Klahanie, they like plenty of TLN (tender loving neglect!)

25 Nov, 2022


Nice to have a blog from you again Hywel. You have a lot of nice plants & I enjoyed viewing them all. I hope Bella is ok too. Keep us updated on your garden activities.

25 Nov, 2022


Thank you Feverfew :)
Bella is fine thank you for asking ...

25 Nov, 2022


Lovely blog, Hywel! So much colour in your garden still - & we are almost at the end of November! Incredible! 👍😂

26 Nov, 2022


Great blog… always filled with well grown plants… and some unusual ones too…especially the Orbea…..what a beautiful flower….

6 Dec, 2022


Thank you both :)

7 Dec, 2022


always enjoy your pretty plants and how much care and time you have for them , pays off

8 Dec, 2022


Thank you Paul.

9 Dec, 2022

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