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Wrong Names :(


By hywel


I have mislead you all :(
Over the years I have posted photos of a Fuchsia called ’Huet’s Beryl’
but I’m afraid that was the wrong name :(

I always like to have the correct names on my plants (especially my Fuchsias and cacti/succulents) and I am grateful to Steragram for pointing this one out to me.

For a while I did not know what the name was, but now I have discovered that it is called
Jadi Messingtetra :)

I have amended the latest blog where this Fuchsia appears, and will also amend any other photos I’ve posted of it
(although that may take some time)

It is so annoying when a plant has the wrong name.
I bought that Fuchsia because it had the name ‘Beryl’,
but now I will have to look for another :D


I also have two more Fuchsias that were wrongly named …
This one :-

And this one :-

The last one grows very tall and wild because it is in a shelter.

If anyone can identify these two Fuchsias for me I will be very grateful (and I’ll send them a cutting lol)


A few weeks ago I went to Wilko and bought two plants that were labelled ‘Aloe’
but I knew that was wrong – you can’t mistake an aloe, and these were nothing like it.

I discovered their correct names on Google images, and here they are …

Peperomia obtusifolia :-

Peperomia quadrangularis :-

I wrote to Wilko about it.
They appologised and said they wanted their customers to be completely satisfied with every product purchased.
They said that if I returned the plants to the store, they would give me a full refund.
But that isn’t the point. I want to keep the plants but I want the correct name on them.

They also asked for the bar code on the plants, so I sent it to them.
I have not heard anything since :(

And I don’t suppose they’ll do anything about putting the correct name on them either – Very annoying :(

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We've all done it Hywel. I believed I was growing Giant Granadilla from seeds of a fruit I bought as that, till someone put a picture of the real fruit which is like a melon and in size too. I looked twice at your Tom Thumb and thought it must be Son of Thumb. It's a good thing when someone lets you know. Last year I bought a Hosta at Lidl labelled Francee. I had that already so knew it wasn't it's name. Siris found that online, Striptease we think. I have a few Fuchsias wrongly labelled, I think kids or someone has jiggled the labels around but the flowers are still beautiful.

11 Nov, 2016


So annoying isnt it Hywel? especially when you tell other people and they tell someone else...... I have the Peperomia, which you named for me earlier on.....

11 Nov, 2016


I find it very frustrating when I do plant sales. people take the label out, read it and pop it back in the vicinity of the pot it came from. often missing the correct pot.
I stopped one lady when she picked up 3 labels to read them all together. she just dropped them on the floor and said 'does it really matter' and walked off tutting loudly.

So I agree with Hywel, we should tell people when there is a mistake and they should do their best to correct it.

11 Nov, 2016


Jadi Messingtetra is realy lovely. I fell for it as soon as I saw it. The pink un-named one is lovely too -I hope you find out its name but its secondary to really liking it isn't it?
You did very well to find the "aloes" on Google images with nothing much to go on - must have taken ages.

11 Nov, 2016


I've added this blog to GoYpedia Plant Labels.

12 Nov, 2016


A rose by any other name Hywel ?
They are all beautiful anyway , but I see the irritation
involved .

12 Nov, 2016


Thanks for all your comments.

Thanks for adding to Goypedia TT

Well I think the names are important because if you don't know the correct name you may duplicating them, and I don't want to spend money buying something I've already got. I can take cuttings if I want do duplicate them.

Also if you look up how to grow a plant and you have the wrong name you won't find the correct information on how to look after it, and you could end up killing it.

Thorneyside I have looked up Son of Thumb and compared it to my photo and I do believe you are right. Thanks. I shall alter it.
It was labelled Tom Thumb when I bought it ...

You see, now if I went and bought Son of Thumb (which I thought I didn't have) I would have ended up with two the same.
And I can take cuttings if I want two the same.

Sue, I knew the plant was a Peperomia because it was coming into flower, and you can't mistake a Peperomia flower,
so I looked at google images of Peperomias and found the two.:)

12 Nov, 2016


I fully understand you, Hywel, as I, too, like to have the most accurate names possible for my plants!

Even though I liked, & still do, the little Fuchsias I bought from the Blind Society's charity shop in town last year I was also disappointed they weren't named!

I have an enormous RHS Encyclopaedia of Garden plants which I consult for names of plants I'm not sure of. But like Google images, if you don't know, even vaguely the botanical name of the plant you are looking for, you have to go through, literally, 100s of pages to try to find it.

I like to write the names on the sides of the pots to make it easier to see them & more difficult to lose them - till they fade with the sunlight!

12 Nov, 2016


Thank you :)
I also have an RHS Encyclopaedia of Garden plants. I use it a lot.
It's a good idea to write the names on sides of pots. The label can easily become lost. Sometimes I used white tape for it but haven't done that for a while now - time to start again :)

12 Nov, 2016


That wretched encyclopedia is somewhat spoiled by having an unsuitable weak binding. They seem to lose their covers eventually after lots of use. Its a pity they couldn't have put it in a traditional proper sewn binding rather than a publisher's case, and I hope they read this...
Reference books are meant to be used, and used often.
Have to say though I don 't use it as often now the internet is so handy.

13 Nov, 2016


My Encyclopaedia is now so old it's almost a museum piece! It was published way, way back in the late 90s!!! It also weighs a tonne! It's a real tome! You could do weight lifting with it to strengthen yours arms - if you could manhandle it off the shelf to start with! LOL! :-D)

13 Nov, 2016


I'm glad you found the correct name for your fuschia Hywel, must be very frustrating now having the correct information.

Balcony, you've made me feel very old, talking about the late 90s as if they were ancient history. I've got books I've had for 40 years or so. I wear clothes I bought in the late 90s, it really wasn't all that long ago! :)

17 Nov, 2016


Mine is a 1998 edition too but I hadn't thought of it as being ancient at all - which is why I'm cross that its cover came off years ago...

17 Nov, 2016


Thanks for your comment Louisa.
I also have books and clothes that date back to the 90s and even further.
I have one particular shirt that I was wearing this summer, (again) ... and soon after that day I found a photo taken when we were on holiday many years ago ... and in the photo I was wearing the same shirt.
I looked on the back of the photo and it said the date - 1997 !
I don't buy fashionable clothes so they don't look dated, and they last a long time because I take care of them.

The thing is, I keep buying new ones so I have ended up with lots and lots of clothes !

It sounds as if your book was faulty Sue. It should not have fallen appart when it wasn't very old.

17 Nov, 2016


Maybe I was careless with it - lets be charitable. It still lives in the cover even though its not attached...

17 Nov, 2016

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