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Winter works


Once again it has been ages since I wrote a blog, but I have been reading some of them, though not kept up with all.
The garden is white with frost this morning and though it looks pretty it makes you realise all the things that should have been done before we got to this stage. The rambling Forsythia which was going to be cropped to some sort of shape – do I now forfeit the flowers for the Spring and cut it to shape or leave it yet again and try to remember after it has finished flowering?
Everything look pretty edged with rime, one of the mini holly family – goodness knows where the label is!

And a large clump of ‘something’ which has pink flowers, now edged with frost making it look like a Cordyline.

Most of the garden hasn’t been cleared of all the stalks, lots get left for the birds to eat the seeds, so it’s tidy and neat or untidy with birds! The trouble is when I do go mad and clear things there is always something that I disturb. One morning I decided to rip the variegated ivy from the front of the bungalow as it was encroaching on the window, fascia and roof. Nice clear wall but up in the corner tucked away and probably originally supported by the ivy, was a nest and a little head peeping out looking at me. Must have been roosting rather than nesting as this was only about a month ago – but still lots of swearing and guilt!

Round the corner is the bit I haven’t done yet, but as it’s up and over the roof will have to go soon. It’s just a nice walkway for the mice to invade the loft! Which reminds me I must get up there and check all the traps. I know it seems cruel but they burrow into all that lovely loft insulation we put down for them and the smell of mice is not good.

Nothing much exciting happening, we had a new stock-wire and post fence put round two sides of the 1.6 acres, the existing one was propped up by metal stakes and really low in places. With visits from the fox picking off the hens it was just a matter of time before biting the bullet and paying out to get someone in to do it. The final straw was the loss of one of the Peacocks who must have been caught unaware by the fox, probably lurking in the thicket we put in for the birds – help one and kill off another!

Other non-exciting, but necessary things were a new roof on the 36ft workshop where it was leaking so badly that it had to be emptied and dried out before re-roofing. Luckily my Brother-in-law did that so not so horrendously expensive. Just have to put everything back now! Amazing what I found amongst all my sewing stuff though.
One of the things Son and I did was replace the boards on the bridge, they had been removed ages before and not replaced. Sadly we didn’t do that properly, not enough spaces between the boards as you can see, so they will have to be amended. Ah Well – live and learn!

New oil tank tomorrow to replace the old rusty one, so we may be set for the winter soon, hopefully not too bad a winter.
My Birthday yesterday, too old to mention, I try to forget as many as possible, but as a friend says “Be grateful, not everyone makes it to your age”. Humbling, so I stop carping.
Went to the Garden Centre (where else) to look at the Christmas offerings and managed to buy a few bags of the large Purple Sensation Alliums, 10 in a bag, all reduced to £1 a bag – bargain I thought, so now need the weather to relent a little to get them in.
Hope you are all keeping well and thank you for reading this far.

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Oh dear, so sorry to hear you lost a peacock to the fox. Very sad. Gosh you have been busy! Don't remember seeing a photo of the bridge before - its a beauty. Hope respacing the boards will only be a small job.

30 Nov, 2016


Thanks Stera, the peacocks can fly a bit and we never really worried about them being caught as we thought they would flap into the air and out of harms way. But obviously caught unawares before he could take off. They roost up, so not a problem then. The bridge was here when we came, but the boards were rotten so needed replacing, not a major problem, just a bit of sawing when I can convince someone (Son or OH) to do it!

30 Nov, 2016


You've been busy ... that's good :)
Is that miniature holly called 'Little Rascal' ? I've got one - they're very pretty :)

30 Nov, 2016


Awww... that's too bad about your peacock! Nature and her ways, but it makes a person feel sad.
I can recommend a thing called a Tickler File, HG. twelve pockets... just plunk a note in the April or May pocket, "Don't forget to trim the Forsythia! ;-) then on the first of every month you check out the tickles you've left. (and if you're anything like me you promptly forget until the beginning of the next month.... drat! I forgot!) LOL... but sometimes it will work and you'll feel so proud of yourself.

1 Dec, 2016


Thanks Hywel, I think you are right. It's very pretty and usually stands near the miniature Pieris which shows it off nicely. It got moved in it's pot to try to protect the wallflowers earlier from being eaten by the peacocks - not that it worked, they ended up as sticks!

We were very sad and annoyed when the peacock fell prey to the fox, you always think that you should have done something earlier - if we had got the fence done previously perhaps...??
As for the pockets and the notes - that's a brilliant idea and one I will take up. Just have to remember to check the pockets. Bit like remembering to check the calendar for birthdays!

1 Dec, 2016


Oh dear Nature gets complicated. Poor Peacock. Poor hungry fox cubs! I get really stressed watching Attenborough programmes, particularly the newest ones. I don't know which "side" to support. I think in your case, Honeysuckle, I am on the side of the Peacock. I love the sounds they make.

Belated birthday greetings. Growing old is not for the faint-hearted but the alternative is worse! (I'm posting this feeling a bit under the weather so I have to look on the bright side! I think I can beat you in the numbers stakes anyway!)

6 Dec, 2016


Thanks Eirlys. When you do see the programmes of the delightful fox cubs, you can't help going AAhh! I would love them too if they took the abundance of rabbits we have about as they can increase rapidly.
I agree with you about the new Attenborough programmes, which I have only seen the trailers of, and decided that even though I know it's nature, watching something being ripped apart is not 'must see' viewing and I will be avoiding them.
I don't object to growing old, quite happy to be in the bracket where you can do the "I remember when" bits and moan about change, but it's the aches and pains that come with it - arthritic back stopping me from doing all the things I want - but again some people are much worse off.
Sunnier, warmer day today, might get past the 'Bah! humbug' bit and think about some decorations for Christmas!

7 Dec, 2016

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