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Culprit caught in the act - Peacock!


Many of the plants I would like to grow are also a delicious meal for our peacocks.
Things like Aubretia, wallflowers, the perennial wallflower always disappear and even some of the heather has been known to be ‘trimmed’, succulent new shoots obviously.
Yesterday looking out the window I saw one of the boys really going the whole hog – standing on the pot to get even the smallest shoots!
The pot contains a couple of geraniums (pelargoniums) and Snow-in-summer (Cerastium) which I didn’t realise was on the menu of the peacocks. As soon as the poor thing sticks it’s head above the edge of the pot, it gets trimmed.
Yesterday he got caught red-handed, or perhaps that should be red-beaked!

I didn’t mean it!


The poor plant.

Unfortunately it’s not the only one he has eaten. I have a type of Brugmansia which has blue flowers and will grow into a shrub. At the moment it’s still in a pot which was behind another pot. The front one got moved and when I saw the leaves of the Brugmansia were eaten I thought it was slugs. But…OH caught him in the act of eating it, so at the moment it is decoratively behind a bit of netting.

Problem is how will I protect this when it goes in the garden?
The joys of gardening!

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Oh dear. plants or peafowl? the decision is difficult isn't it? ;o)

they are beautiful birds but the ones there used to be in village were very noisy. the were stolen 5 yrs ago, the local travellers got the blame . don't know if they did take them but the parish council raised objections to the family getting replacements. the went with golden guinea fowl in the end.

20 Aug, 2016


Clearly a game of swings and roundabouts -win some, lose some.. they are beautiful though.

20 Aug, 2016


You are right Seaburngirl about the noise, Springtime and they all yowl to attract a mate - not that there are any close enough to hear! The rest of the year they just hoot and yowl if there is a loud noise (we are on the flight path of the local RAF base), tractors (live amongst farmland), Motorbikes, banging trailers going past, cats, fox and the latest cacophony was when OH flushed a Muntjac deer out of the nettle bed. So...I can see why the Parish Council vetoed the idea! Did you mean golden guinea fowl or Golden pheasants. We have ordinary guinea fowl and they are noisy too!

Swings and roundabouts are about right Stera, watching them is always a joy, unless of course they decide to dust bath in the flower bed! Huge big feet scuffling about soon digs a plant up and it always seems to be days before I find the poor thing lying on the top, mostly too dried out to recover.

20 Aug, 2016


Evidently, he doesn't like pelargoniums. I'm not surprised. He's so handsome in his royal blue plumage.

21 Aug, 2016

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