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Jump the gun, nah, not me!


By hmhb


Sometimes, one jumps the gun and gets penalized. Me? I’m flexible…

I was all prepared to move my holiday cactus to the greenhouse from cactus corner on the front porch. What I quickly discovered was, much to my amazement, they are loaded with blooms. (Nope, you have to wait for that surprise.) If any of you “play” with these beauties, you know moving them causes them to become “disjointed” and results in transplants, rootings, etc. Oh well, that task aborted, what to do now?

Aha, the monkey tail has spilled over and needs repotting, and I did see that spell-binding photo that made a beautiful hanging basket, where all the spines have grown long and look furry. Not to worry, the “redirect” queen has kicked in.

The one above was previously transplanted from greenhouse gang to front porch cactus corner, and this is an old picture when I caught it blooming! %> Unfortunately, I forgot to take a “before” picture, but the monkey tail was given to me by a friend who insisted I must have it, in a clay pot…

Sometimes, the roots get so bound, you just can’t pry them out of the pot! But, if you see the little “wormy” joint, this is the piece that falls from the main plant and grows just about wherever it falls; now that’s fun. You cannot jump the gun with this plant… So, let’s put it in a hanging basket and see if it will make us proud. I think I’ll call it “Hilda Winters”. (hildewintera aurespina?)

Hmmmm, what to do with spill over? We’ll, just use the pot that served so well before. Place it right under the hanging basket and maybe, just maybe, we’ll soon have a waterfall effect?

I love surprises! Oh, and for those other cactus beauties? Watch for photos and pray it doesn’t freeze before I move them from the porch.

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That looks like a lot of fun with a touch of ingenuity! Worth it to have pretty flowers like that. How long does the process take from worm to flower?

13 Nov, 2009


Very good question DRC? I did not know they bloomed until I caught this one by accident. I'll date the repotting from yesterday and let you know first bloom!

13 Nov, 2009



13 Nov, 2009


I'm looking forward to your photos. I love cacti, and have quite a few myself.

13 Nov, 2009


How do you resist watering them?

13 Nov, 2009


Well, they're in their own little corner... and, out of sight, out of mind (?) %>

Thanks Hywel I noted on your blog that you liked cactus; look forward to you helping me out here!

13 Nov, 2009

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