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It's all about wonder


By hmhb


We saw the new version of “Alice in Wonderland,” the other day (with J. Depp), and it was entertaining, but there’s so much more to wonder! We can take a stroll through the yard or in a mall, a pet shelter, or visit a friend and wonder about many things. The yard most often fills me with much wonder.

I was wondering, for instance, why I could not grow hollyhocks from seed (you know those glamorous packages promise so much). This year, I wondered if I might have more success with “seedlings.” TA-DA!

Then, I wondered about the little critters that enjoy the yard as much as I do, can you see him?

I had been wondering about my cereus that I thought I lost to the Freeze this past winter… but they are peeking through. Of course, I already rescued two more plants from a nursery and was wondering if I would have a bloom this year. I repotted them into planters, and…

Now, I’m wondering how long it will take to flower, and yes, I am up to photographing that night bloomer at 3 a.m. again!!!

Enough wondering for today? Before I wander off, let me introduce you to Domino and Chunk. Domino is my new puppy (the black one). The brothers first vet visit, and Chunk remains under the custodial care of my daughter and her family. %>

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Those holly hocks are stunning , i have never had any luck with them.The pups are adorable. :-))

19 Jun, 2010


The hollyhocks are gorgeous! What a lovely colour. Domino and Chunk are lovely....:o) Is the insect a cricket?

19 Jun, 2010


have to agree with tulsalady and dylandog great pics

19 Jun, 2010


lovely hollyhocks,and soo cute puppys

19 Jun, 2010


Wonderful hollyhocks,and gorgeous puppies....lovely pics of them all.:o)

19 Jun, 2010


I'm glad you're still rescuing cacti :o))
The puppies are lovely :o))

20 Jun, 2010


Thanks everybody! Dylandog, I think the insect is a grasshopper... Hywel, my plan with the cereus is to try and graft one of the holiday cacti into the top of one (saw it in an old gardening mag. from world war II era).

20 Jun, 2010


That should be interesting. Please show after you do it :o)

20 Jun, 2010

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