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Storm Damage!


We have all been talking about how the weather is causing flooding and damage on the East coast of the States, and in Great Britain. We went down to the ocean to see what we could see of the storm damage from Hurricane Ida’s residual rain and winds. What we found was a very damaged dune system. These dunes protect the boardwalks, shops, and homes all along the oceanfront. The sands were moved inland by the storm, allowing much flooding of roads that never see water lapping at the cars as if they are boats.

The walkways over the dunes were washed away and the grasses that anchor them are left with their roots swaying in the wind.

The Walkways now look like they are soaring in the air, but they used to be skimming the top of the sand, protecting the fragile dunes from human damage! As you can see in this pic that Waya is standing under the walkway now!

We walked along the beach and found this little guy running the waves which were still hitting the beach with a lot of force (there was another storm coming in and building up while we were there!)

The waves were amazing they were breaking in two directions at the same time…

The rock jettys are now exposed. They used to be buried under 6 ft of sand. They are used to break up the rip tides that so often happen.

There are still plants there though…. some Yucca, mature and juvenile

And the remains of the roses…the hips

Finally there is a sign at the end of the boardwalk in Bethany Beach, Delaware that recalls the efforts to restore the beach just this past June…and now it will cost over 21 million dollars for all the beach damage in just Ocean City, Maryland to be repaired this year!

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Dear me HW, this really shows the scale of the damage doesn't it ? Let's hope that your authorities find the money required to make things safe. On a lighter note, it's a really beautiful place :~)

25 Nov, 2009


Yes Sue it is.....and they always find the money to fix the dunes...without them the tourists would have no where to visit and spend their


25 Nov, 2009


How very true ! :~)

25 Nov, 2009


The sea is wonderful beautiful and dangerous aswell. I love it when it's rough - but that's when it can be dangerous
I hope they repair the dunes before any more storms arive. It's frightening to think of the consequenses.

25 Nov, 2009


Dramatic damage to the dunes....
I hope they can fix it...

25 Nov, 2009


All these cats around! Tt - we need to make a dog one...

HW - the damage the sea can do is just so scary. It seems unbelievable that all those dunes have just ....gone!

I'm sure you've heard about Cumbria in the North of England - we are all thinking of the poor people there who have been flooded out of their homes, as well as the loss of life there. That was torrents of rain - and rivers flooding, not the sea.

25 Nov, 2009


Fancy all that sand just gone the power of the sea is amazing. Spritzhenry heres a dog icon U • I • U ?? Two eyes and his floppy ears, By Luke.

25 Nov, 2009


Thanks, Luke! I tried - and mine wasn't as good as yours.

V'U'V Not good, was it?

25 Nov, 2009


Lol, It was good just needed a little work and I got my idea when my mam showed me the cat which healerwitch made which is really good aswell. Also, Ive just had a look at pictures of your dog Henry he is beutiful and obvioulsy very clever. thanks,Luke.

25 Nov, 2009


The repair to the dunes has already started, but will only be a patch (so to speak) until next spring/summer when the real work will be done. Fortunately the hurricane season is soon over. But then we have nor'easters to worry about for the dunes during the winter.

In the old days the dunes were more mobile, the ocean walked the sand around from one place to another. Today the engineers and city council people want their dunes stable for the tourist trade!!

Let's face it...Mother Nature will have her way! =^..^=

25 Nov, 2009


Many moons ago, when I lived on the Northumberland coast, there was a tremendous storm that wash away 35 feet of sand to reveal the stone underneath. It also ripped up a seam of coal that went out into the sea and deposited it roughly 15ft high on the next beach. The authorities estimated that there was approx. 1500 tonnes of coal there. All I know is there were tractors and trailers crawling all over it for about three weeks!
I do hope you don't suffer any more damage and your lovely sea front can survive!

25 Nov, 2009

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