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Happy New Year!


By gwendas


Hi everyone!
Just showing my face – so to speak! – as haven’t been on GOY during the festive season!
Back at school today so no time to look at all your new photos and catch up with your gardening news but hopefully towards the end of the week when my two boys have gone back to their Dads on Wednesday. Teenage boys need so much feeding – no lying dormant for them in Winter! – and create so much washing – mine seem to change clothes more often than my daughters!
Quite severe frosts here over Christmas and our first small shower of rain for weeks last night. The containers dry out quicker than you think don’t they in the winter winds?
Have put my Christmas tree back on the patio still in its pot now the decorations are down. Would love to plant it in the garden for next year – any advice?
Had a lovely bright wintery sunshine day on Saturday and was inspired to go out in the garden and ‘tidy up’! The bulbs are ‘on their way’ around the garden
in the borders and the pots. Looking forward to getting some snowdrops in the green to put in little terracotta pots on my low wall to look at from my kitchen window and then plan to plant them out after flowering – is that right?
Just had to have a trip to my favourite garden centre as well! Bought a lovely reduced pot and a pink Camellia with lots of promising buds on to look forward to in Spring. Have to have it contained with ericaceous soil as my soil isn’t acid.
Anyway it will be nice and welcoming by my front door I hope!
It’s set to get much colder here over the next couple of days and my boys will probably go home to snow in the South East?
Hope you and your gardens are okay
Love Jo x

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Hello Gwendas , we had some snow in the night and most of the morning , there,s still an odd flake coming down but not much .
About the feeding and washing I know all about that as my son and his boys have just gone home and left me with piles of washing to do and I swear they had hollow legs .
The Camellia sounds lovely you will have to post us a pic. when it,s in flower , bulbs are shooting through now it will be good to see them blooming again ... :o)

5 Jan, 2009


Happy new year to you Jo.
We have a covering of snow here today.
Keep warm !

5 Jan, 2009


Happy New Year, i've got spring bulbs shooting up aswell.

5 Jan, 2009


Good 2 hear from u Happy 2009 Gwendas XXX

5 Jan, 2009


Happy New Year from me to you I went to the garden centre last week.....treated us to a Golden Vine and a surprise shrub for £1.00, checked my books at home and it's Beech Hedging lol.......mmmmmm......

5 Jan, 2009


Happy New Year from me too, Gwendas.
Teenage boys do create a lot of washing don't they? Mind you, girls are just as bad, maybe even worse. LOL
The boys go through an emormous amount of food. It's like they have holes in the bottom of their feet and the food just leaks out or something. With 4 teenagers (2 boys, 2 girls) living at home our grocery bill is staggering. :o)

5 Jan, 2009


~happy new year!
About your christmas tree~ it depends on if it was container grown or just chopped out of the ground and put into a pot as to whether it will thrive~I manged to keep a blue spruce for about 3 years in a pot but you will probably have more luck into the ground.
Try Bluespruce for advice?

6 Jan, 2009

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