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a whole day gardening!


By gwendas


Yes that’s right! NO RAIN ALL DAY! and my partner off footballing (something I just don’t get!) so a lovely day in the garden topped off with a cup of tea catching up on the 2 Gardener’s World programmes I missed. Heaven! Did anyone see the lovely dreamy episode on the cottage gardens. Beautiful and after Monet’s garden both so inspiring and something I am going to aim for.
Also enjoying Carol KLein’s Grow your own veg programmes. Have set aside a small plot in my back garden to grow some potatos, carrots ,onions, beetroot, rhubarb etc starting in the spring. Any advice for a novice would be welcome!
Have had plenty of weeding and tidying to do today. Herbs needed a good trim as I allowed some to flower and encourage bees into the garden. Have sorted a few of my summer containers as well. Put in some cheerful violet pansies in pot up by stone bench for late summer and autumn colour. Also changed one by my front door for some autumn colour using a houttuynia ‘flame’ with lovely red foliage.
Although so glorious today the nights are already feeling autumnal here. Perhaps a reflection of the poor summer we have had?
My ‘father-in-law’ kindly cut the lawn for me today while I was busy weeding so the garden is looking great.
Yesterday I managed to dig the border out in front of that hedge I have to put up with! It’s going to take some making good for my bulbs- it looks like a building site in the soil at the moment! Any tips on improving it for bulbs and planting would be appreciated?

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im so jealous of your day gwenda, had to work today and again tomor . i saw that programme on cottage gardens, beautiful wernt they

30 Aug, 2008


I did too - I enjoyed it! Not a lot of gardening for me either, we have my daughter and grandson staying with us.

30 Aug, 2008


Gwenda, It was a great day, I'm glad someone else dosen't like football.


31 Aug, 2008


Sounds like a very fruitful day. It's very satisfying when you tidy up and it really improves things.

31 Aug, 2008


It did'nt rain here yesterday but it was very dull.

31 Aug, 2008


What A Choice Football Or Gardening?

31 Aug, 2008

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