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weekend ahead


By gwendas


Hi everyone!
Have had a lovely day today despite more rain!
Always go exploring on a wednesday with my friend Michele when on holiday from my job at secondary school.
Today we went to the Lizard and the gardens at Trevarno which are still a work in progress but looking lush and green and well worth a visit. Heligan still remains my favourite in the county though.
Can’t wait for Friday – off to Paris for long weekend over the bank holiday with my daughter Erika, Michele and her daughter Lisa and my partner’s sister Sue and her daughter Rachel to visit Versailles and Monet’s Garden. Anyone been there?
Going to tackle my hedge project when I get back before school restarts! As some of you know I want to dig a bed out onder the hedge which I will try and enrich ready for planting things like periwinkles, cyclamens, and some bulbs and hopefully helibores a favourite of my mums.Hope it works out.
Also looking forward to re doing some of my pots with bulbs for spring. Went recently over to the Scilys and bought back some ‘earliecheer’ narcissus bulbs.
Any suggestions for a low wall at my front garden? Thought about fixing boxes of some sort to grow california poppies next year.
Forecast good for us here this weekend. Typical when I’m going away and will miss gardening time! My partner Wacks has got orders to look after my container plants!
Hope the sun shines for you all too

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I bet everything looks lush and green in the West Country right now.
No wonder you had a great time at the gardens. I guess you were amongst beautiful scenery on the whole trip.

I hope you get some good photo's of Monet's garden.
GOY members will enjoy those. Have a safe journey.

20 Aug, 2008


have a brilliant weekend and dont forget your camera so we can all see monet's garden. ive seen van goghs garden in arles, enjoy.

20 Aug, 2008


hope you have a brilliant weekend and like Lyd said dont forget your camera, we want to see loads of photos when you get back

21 Aug, 2008


Have a nice time in Paris Gwendas, and as stated above don't forget to take some photos to show us all. I'd be very interested to see Monet's garden. Best wishes, Hywel.

21 Aug, 2008


You will LOVE Monet's garden! I went there several years ago and kept saying WOW, oh WOW! My husband was laughing at me - but it is SOOOO beautiful, you can't help it!. Can I come with you please? Yes, please take lots of photos because it was before I had a digital camera. I think we'll wait until you come back to talk about your wall, if that's OK.

21 Aug, 2008


I agree - Monet's garden is great - so many planting ideas. But it will be very crowded :-(
Versailles is completely different - an architectural gaden with barely a flower in sight. Appreciate it for what it is even if it's not your style of garden

21 Aug, 2008

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