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No frosts yet ....please.


Forecast said chilly East winds, some sunny periods but much cooler till the weekend so that should keep the frosts at bay. I hope so cos the dahlias are looking so lovely & the begonia baskets too.

D. Colour Spectacle

D. Gold Crown

D. Bridge View Aloha

Begonia – Parisienne


Begonia trailing (sideways ?)

Begonia – ParisienneTrailing

I love the way the Rowans lowest two branches frame the crocosmia.

Helianthus Lemon Queen has made huge amount of growth, well over 6ft, & been flowering for ages.

Lovely bright day & the alstroemeria & roses are in full bloom.

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Your lovely garden will be ok if sheltered for a few more weeks. Enjoy.

11 Oct, 2016


Your garden and especially your Dahlias look lovely, it is hard when the frost comes and marks the end of our summer plants. Fingers crossed that they hold off for a little while longer.

11 Oct, 2016


Good to see you still have some great colour left, I am envious of your lovely dahlias - they never stand a chance here with the slugs and snails.

11 Oct, 2016


Hope so for the plants sakes. The lowest here we have been was 10oC so far this year, felt colder with high winds.

11 Oct, 2016


You have delightful begonias and Dahlias , green_finger.
I cross my fingers that it will stay like that for a long time.

11 Oct, 2016


Beautiful plants, so much colour. I see your Alstroemeria indian summer is looking good.

11 Oct, 2016


Your Dahlias are gorgeous! Mine didn't do at all well this year & they were left in place during last winter & started up when good & ready. I'm taking them out in a week or so but I'm not sure if I really want to keep them for another year.

My Begonias from last year have flowered very well again this year so I will definitely be keeping them to plant again next year. I have two trailing salmon pink ones in a wicker hanging basket. They stayed in the basket all over winter & have been spectacular this year as well!

Your photos looked lovely!

11 Oct, 2016


GF you have some beautiful Dahlias and Begonias, it would be lovely if we could have a few more weeks, of sunshine, wouldnt it!

11 Oct, 2016


I forgot to mention that I love your birdbath or is it a flowerpot?

12 Oct, 2016


Could be either couldn't it, very nice whatever!!

12 Oct, 2016


What a fabulous selection of Dahlias Mari they are gorgeous and so many delightful bright spots of colour in your garden ,I know its must be hard for you so well done ,I'll PM as soon as ..

12 Oct, 2016


Stera, I have plenty of slugs, snails & earwigs in my garden. I stared off the dahlia tubers in 3lt pots in cold greenhouse & same for begonias but 1lt pots, they were well grown by the time I planted them out in June. No slug pellets or sprays were used as slugs tend to go for the more tender young growth & mine were quite big by then.

Dawnsaunt, yes the alstroemeria are still flowering away & have been for ages, no signs of stopping yet either.

Balcony, I dig the dahlia tubers up once the frost has blackened the top growth, then dry them off upsidedown in cold greenhouse, I dust them with sulphur & store in dry cocoa fibre in a box. Dahlias are very hungry plants so they get a good sprinkle of bonemeal & Growmore when I plant them out again as grown plants next June.
The begonias I tend to leave dried off in their baskets for winter before tipping the whole lot out & starting over.

Klahanie, it is an old stone urn that could be a planter but is really meant for a fountain as it has a metal tube running through it. Tom set it up for me as after chemo & various treatments I spend a lot of time not up to doing much except bird watching. He dug out a cavity below for the sump & set the brick surround in concrete. We put a lot of cobbles in the bowl so it wasn't too deep for birds to use as bird bath.

Amy, I'll look forward to hearing from you again when you've caught yourself up, lol.

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments.

12 Oct, 2016


You ha e some lovely plants in flower.I particualrly like the Dahlia, Gold Crown.
Getting colder down here now so don't know how much longer the Dahlias will flower but mine are still producing some .

13 Oct, 2016


Thanks Paul, I'm hoping for some mild days for a while longer yet (fingers crossed) I don't mind the chilly mornings & evenings so much.

15 Oct, 2016


Fab. flowers ... beautiful display !

17 Nov, 2016


Any Dahlias on the allotments have finished for this year as have the runner beans & tomatoes & Squashes, etc.

As the allotment is in a frost hollow anything not "frost proof" is killed by the lightest of frosts!

In gardens at street level there are still plenty of Dahlias & other frost tender plants surviving. Perhaps this Saturday will put an end to them as we are forecast below freezing temps!

I've brought practically all my Amaryllis bulbs back from the allotment & will make one last trip on Friday to bring the last few pots home.

17 Nov, 2016


We'll just have to be content with looking at our pics over the winter months. A hard frost / freeze does benefit some things, eg fruit trees for one.

17 Nov, 2016


Well we are told to expect one tonight - a hard frost that is!

My wife helped me bring the last 7 pots of Amaryllis home from the allotment this afternoon.

The allotments are sorry looking sites from now on! They are crying out for some attention but many allotmenteers find it is too cold/wet etc to look after their plots from November till March! After all a great many of them are pensioners - including Gerry & myself!

18 Nov, 2016


Not just the allotments, many veggie plots too - my own included but that's supposed to be OH's area, lol

20 Nov, 2016

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