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I have succumbed!


I’m going to blame Karen (CottageKaren) & Spritz for bringing Heucheras to my attention!
Seeing the pics posted of such vibrant & varied colours caused me to want to know more about them so I ran searches & read up on the info & decided I have to have some too.
They will be perfect (I hope) for a corner in my shady north facing border which is sheltered by a huge hedge.

I plan to make a Heuchera bed around a Rowan tree in this shady corner where my beloved Springers Becks & Zack are buried – I have long wondered what I could plant here that will look pretty in Oct – Dec, the months in which they each departed.

So what ones should I get?
Looking through the Plantagogo catalogue there are so many to choose from – 450 varieties I think they said!
Well, I made a selection & they arrived a few days ago. Opening the boxes was such a surprise – the colours just glowed out at me like an artists palette.
When my OH saw them he said “Are they real?” They looked so perfect!

So instead of blaming Karen & Spritz I’m should be thanking them :)

Well here’s the pics of what I ordered – hope you like them too.


Tiarella Sugar & Spice

Forever Purple



Fire Alarm

Ginger Peach

Glitter 2

Glitter 1

Black Taffeta

Pink Pearls

Purple Petticoats

I got Yellowstone & Redstone Falls


Lime Marmalade

Sugar Plum 1

Sugar Plum2

Crimson Curls

And here they all are waiting on the bench.

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Yes, GF, they'll look great in the shady area. I have Marmalade and lime Marmalade. The lime marmalade looks fantastic with some other deep red ones(the name escapes me at the moment) that I have in my corner bed near my red Acer.
Planning and planting new areas is great fun isn't it?

24 Aug, 2015


Wow, you don't do things by halves do you? What a beautiful selection. Looking forward to seeing a pic of the bed planted up -it will be a lovely memorial.

24 Aug, 2015


I love the Heucheras and you have a grand selection here, I do have quite a few but they just will not grow in my garden so I have them in containers, I occasionally pop one in the ground to try various spots out but no success yet and end up digging the plant out again to revive it, I will persevere, lol, just have to find the magic spot, you'll have to post a pic to show when you have them planted out, enjoy....

24 Aug, 2015


Yes, Paul, I'll enjoy planning these once I get the area ready - another rainy day today & the forecast said rain every day this week. I'm itching to get out there rather than doing housework!

Stera, I'm 'fraid you're not wrong I've always tended to go OTT when I get an idea in my head, ah, the spirit is so willing yet the flesh is so weak, lol.

Lincs, I discovered I had another 2 heuches already "out there" from a planting a couple of years ago I'd forgotten about. They are both healthy & well grown so I'm hopeful the new ones will be just as happy. Have you tried yours in a shady spot?

25 Aug, 2015


I have some Heucheras and mainly got into them through Karen too ! I made the mistake of mingling them into the borders and don't get the beauty of them ! job for the Autumn border for the Heucheras ! You have some beauties there !

25 Aug, 2015


You have bought some really stunning plants, GF! :-)) I really love all those beautiful colour leaves! I'm very much looking forward to seeing your future photos of them planted out. :-))

I had just one on the balcony which a friend of ours gave us. Unfortunately it died this year just as the flowers were starting to open. I don't know why but it may have been the combination of strong winds burning the foliage & my watering over the the foliage with fertilizer as there are other plants in the big tub I grew it in. :-((

25 Aug, 2015


Mine certainly do better in semi shade. I have a Purple Petticoats tucked under a ceanothus and its really flourishing. Stoplight wouldn't grow at all until I moved it to full shade.

25 Aug, 2015


they are amazing, you will enjoy them in the garden for years and years. Well done on becoming a Huecheraholic, lots of us on here we can help you with your problem any time lol :O) its a great complaint to have. :O)

25 Aug, 2015


Oh Gosh its a Heucherafest!.....

how glorious.....I did mixed pots last year, I think I saw it on Goy.....
Obsidian and lime marmalade a look lovely contrast or your redstone and yellowstone falls together.....?

just beware of the nasty vine weevil ?

25 Aug, 2015


Rose, that's how come I found 2 I'd forgotten about, they are both fine tho & will be moved.

Yes, David, it was the brilliant colours that captured me. Have you seen Szczepan Marczynski video on growing climbers on a balcony?

Lovely combination, Stera, do you clip the ceanothus back from them?

Barbara, guilty as charged - I've joined the heucheraholics - I've got 17 so far ..... I rather fancy Creme Brulee & Key Lime Pie & lol...

Pam, I know about the dreaded vine weevil. I had it in my Hostas a few years ago that & the other horror lily beetle. All pots were emptied, plants washed & drenched but you still have to be vigilant.

Another no go today as its still raining, I think its set in for the week!

25 Aug, 2015


No I don't clip the ceanothus - they were to fill in some of the bare space underneath it - its a large old one and is the shape of one of those bonsais that look very windblown.

25 Aug, 2015


Thanks for the link to the video, GF, which I found very interesting. :-))

27 Aug, 2015


Glad you found it of interest, David, there are a few more on his site you may like to see. Especially interesting as the conditions in Poland are far more extreme than ours.

28 Aug, 2015


Gfinger I too have got the coat of many colours of heucheras they are stunning how they delight us with their colour changes.

I love your collection .

I grow them in the ground and in pots and may try hanging pots to.

Most of all enjoy the pleasure theŇ∑ give.

29 Aug, 2015


Thanks, Scotkat, not been able to do much for more than a week as ground too sodden due to daily rain so they are still on the bench.
I got the 2 cascade varieties with a view to hanging baskets when they grow enough to split from main plant.

30 Aug, 2015


HB, a dry spell is definitely needed, I thought we were going to need a boat as we've had daily rain for weeks now, everywhere is sodden & farmer not been able to harvest field next to us yet.
So, I had a browse on Ebay & bought 4 more heuchs, lol, they are only small rooted ones tho.
I was disappointed with most on Ebay as they were selling the majority for more than the nursery does plus p&p.

6 Sep, 2015


A beautiful selection, they will look superb all together, ours are dotted around and you certainly don't get the full effect.....we have another NGS opener who is a Heuchera fan, if I can find some photos of his I will put them on for you.....

21 Oct, 2015


Thanks, Dd, I'll look forward to seeing them if you are able to find them.

21 Oct, 2015

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