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Need a rest!


I have had such a busy afternoon in the garden raging war on a very rampant Keria plant. It arrived in my small garden some years back quite uninvited and at first I let it stay just to see what it did and if it was worthy of it’s space. The first year it bloomed beautifuly and I stood back in admiration gazing at it’s beautiful yellow pompoms. Since then it has rampaged quite unashamedly pushing it’s tendrils through any nearby plant that it touches. I have a Forsythia contained in a stone box ( built from the remains of a gift from a relative who had her mock stone fire-place taken down when it ceased to be fashionable). At first I thought my beautiful Forsythia had taken leave of it’s senses arranging the new flowers on it’s branches until I spyed the long green shoots hiding in the background and even poking through the gaps where the mortar had been pushed out.This year the intruder has really made my blood boil when I stood to admire my white lilac coming into perfecttion. Then it hit me the blasted interloper had stealthily crept through her branches and was intent on staying. Oh! no I got my secateurs and started cutting and pulling and getting covered in yellow petals but I managed to get a great deal chopped and into the compost heap. Then Arthur (arthritis) popped in to help and so for today my battle is over but NOT the war. i shall gather my tools again tomorrow and go in for another battle. will i win? Not too sure but I will have a jolly good try!!!

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you have been invaded havent you. but mine is very well behaved. hope you feel better tomorrow.

29 Apr, 2009


Thanks for your comment Seaburngirl. I can only assume that we have very furtile soil as my 2 compost bins also live down there at the bottom of my garden. Obviously the worms are taking the "good stuff" and feeding it to the Kerria! LOL I do love the plant as I love all plants,(even weeds, what could be more appealing than daisies and dandelions?) Some will evidently stay around and I will enjoy it. My neighbour who has very few of his own plants apart from lawn in his much bigger garden shares my Kerria, Forsythia, Lilac and best of all at the moment the very fragrant Lilly of the Valley which is appearing under our mutual hedge. Best wishes Sue x

30 Apr, 2009


ah lily of the valley a firm favourite of mine. it was my wedding motif.

30 Apr, 2009


Of course you'll win. :o)

30 Apr, 2009


I keep waiting for my Kerria to "take over" but as the soil is so poor and dry it's hardly moved in all it's 11 years! Lol!
It is supposed to get quite invasive tho', so pulling a few runners out each year is good for it! There, no more guilt!

1 May, 2009


Just come in from second round battle with Kerria. Two full glasses of water (me not the plant) and just about ready to sit and relax a while. I have managed to free my poor lilac from the Kerria tendrils but my backing army has let me down. I now have a huge pile (do feel a bit guilty) of material too thick for my compost but as the council compost bin is full of privet clippings I have no where to put it all. I have also spent an hour on front garden tidying and weeding, just generally assessing what I shall need for summer long beauty. As I don't have the room for a greenhouse (John says I havn't room for 2 compost bins either stating that as we don't really have a garden they are a waste of space but Hey Ho I have to spend money at garden centre on summer bedding. My idea of heaven! Ah!
I have just found a present as I pottered in my front plot. Last year I planted a piece of Buddleia that had become detached from one that I had growing on the side of our pond. It was in the corner next to the front room window. Well compared to the growth of the Kerria this grew at an enormous rate and competely covered our window. Talk about sleeping beautty I was expecting the prince to come through at any moment with his trusty sword and rescue me. I have completely gone off the subject (sorry). It too had to be taken down as it was too beautiful for this world and it was either it or us. Anyway this was last year and today I found Shamrock complete with pink flowers growing in the same spot where the Buddlia was. Had it been left as compensation? I have a Shamrock in the back but it is plain green this one is dark green on the outside with a centre of purple. A rare species? LOL Sue x

1 May, 2009


the shamrock soulnds like oxalis Iron Cross. if it is its not rare but it is pretty :o)

1 May, 2009


Hello all I have just been through a panicky few days as I couldn't get Internet on and as it was bank holiday couldn't get hold of Virgin for help! I have just been talking to them and it appears I have a switch on front of laptop that had been turned off. He suggested that I find said switch and turn it on again. Well I found it and am feeling very "blonde" for not knowing about it. I have had lap-top since last August but not very technical so am I to blame? LOL.
Thanks Seaburngirl for telling me the name of Shamrock.

5 May, 2009

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