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Slowly drawing in .....


Hi Everyone,

As summer slowly draws to a close and I look back at the year and think whats done well and things that need to be re- looked at and what needs moving / dividing or taken out.

Whats new to buy ie bulbs for the spring, do I stick with the tried and tested over the years but still get a few of something new …..

Do I keep pecking away to find (kniphofia “Springtime”) no one grows it for sale anymore and I have tried for several years to try and get hold off, my mum grew it in the 60/70’ but she has since moved.

Seriously thinking of a new greenhouse , the one I have now which I have looked after and brought with me from my old house is going fine but, just too small ..

Getting on for 16 years of age (Alton cedar), but does need maintenance (occasionally) and it has warped over the years slightly and in really minus temperature the door is froze solid and I have been out with a kettle of water to try and get in to fill the paraffin heater up ….. and the snow on the roof has worried me occasionally as well with the weight of that.

I will lose some of the border with a new one but it has more benefits with what I can grow but it does need to look good as well as it will be the dominant feature in the garden ….. (dutch style would look great ) with cedar wood but me getting older ?? mmmm I dont know, aluminium has so many benefits, low threshold with some models (could come in handy)

Anyway I have rattled on and finally the lawns are dry enough to cut who would of thought saying that in August !! but living in Wales daft thing to say lol


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You should try some new bulbs from seed. There are some really easy ones out there. This year I started Tigridia vanhouttei, and all the seeds sprouted; so I should have flowers in about 2 years.
It is trying to rain again here, and next weekend should have Hurricane Gaston in the area.

28 Aug, 2016


Lol Wylie, I grew some from seed this year as well and the snails ate every one. They also ate the parent plants so that's that!

Gnarly, decisions decisions! Cedar looks good but aluminium is easier- let us know what you decide.

28 Aug, 2016


I hope you find a suitable greenhouse, and I hope you can find that Kniphofia.
It's bulb buying time again. I've bought some already - some that I've grown for years and enjoy, and also something new that I haven't tried before :)

28 Aug, 2016


I'm dreading the days getting shorter and feel this sense of gloom slowing descending upon me... :( On the upside I am getting a log burner installed to cheer me up. Suppose can sit in front of it and browse through plant/seed catalogues dreaming about my next fantasy garden!!

29 Aug, 2016

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