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Davidia involucrata (handkerchief tree)


Hi All,

Some of you may remember my (handkerchief tree) flowered for the first time in spring of 2014 not bad as it has only been in about 10 years maybe less.

it set seed pods which are huge size of a bantam egg.

Followed the instructions from the RHS (Please ask)

Germination in the first spring after sowing is unlikely as the seeds show epicotyl dormancy. This means that seeds sown in the autumn produce a root in the first spring, and then a period of cold is required (usually the second winter) before the shoot will emerge from the seed. At the end of the second February after sowing, transfer the pots to a warm greenhouse with a temperature of around 12-15oC (55-60oF) to encourage shoot emergence. Alternatively move them to a sunnier and warmer situation to encourage the final stages of germination.

Well after all this waiting my first seedling has grown , I did plant more seeds last Autumn so maybe more to come in 2017 but no flowers this year ? I have a feeling the late frost minus 2 stoped that happening ?

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Well done Gg, I hope more germinated seed still to come for you. Sorry to hear no flowers this year.

13 Jun, 2016


This is certainly one for the patient gardener. Well done.

13 Jun, 2016


thanks both , and Jaykaty for the likes.

yes Paul only another 10 to 15 years to wait for it to flower, it was lucky as I have kept all the pots at the side of the house (out of the way) and when I noticed something had sprouted I picked up the pot and found a huge slug sitting underneath !!!
I waited for the true leaves to develop to make sure before I posted, at least I know the seeds are viable , a couple of member's on here have had seed from me over the past two years so hopefully they will be fortunate as well.
One being the salvia expert we all know ....


13 Jun, 2016


Gosh you're patient GG. I'm sure I couldn't have waited that long. Well done!

13 Jun, 2016


Patience is definitely a vlrtue !! It one of
my favouriteof my trees.
Since we came back from Scotland I Have not been very well so there will lots to do in the garden.
Gg my fuschia standards are doing quite well

13 Jun, 2016


Hi Waddy (thanks)
I put them in a pot with gravel on top and a label and anyone could do that , I didn't do anything else.....

Hi Marjorie sorry to hear you havnt been well , hopefully being back home will help , I will keep a look out for photos of the fuchsias (no rush) I have posted a picture of one of mine thats in flower now you may have seen it ?


14 Jun, 2016


Well done Gg!, thanks for doing this blog I now know what to look out for next spring ;-)

15 Jun, 2016


its a pleasure Simbad and a good idea for me to post a photo

16 Jun, 2016


Wow GG. What a rewarding result!

2 Jul, 2016


I'm glad to see a picture of a seedling. My neighbour has a tree close to my fence and I have a good view of it (better then he has), it has flowered for the last 5 years and dropped seeds in my garden - I've probably been pulling them up not knowing what they are!

1 May, 2020

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