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Had a very productive time yesterday moving compost around,sweeping up a few leftover leaves and generally tidying up. Whilst moving some large pots I found an entire family of snails just waiting to wake up in Spring and eat my plants. I collected them all up and put them on the grass, hoping the birds might enjoy. Unfortunately they are now under several inches of snow and I feel quite quilty about sending them to a slow and frosty death.
On a brighter note, passing the pond on the common today I was amazed to see that the two Egyption Geese now have 3 babies. They are tiny little things and surely not prepared for snow. Isn’t 1st February too early for new chicks?

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I wouldn't spend too much time in remorse for the snails Ginellie. Just think of the damage they would have caused in your garden.
I don't know anything about Egyptian Geese but I would think that February 1st is very early. Poor little goslings. I hope their Mum and Dad keep them nice and warm.

2 Feb, 2009


Aww, they must be so cute. I am sure they put their feathers up and huddle close to mum's warm body. Or perhaps it is dad. Look at the penguins, dad looks after the chicks when mum goes out to feed and paint the town!
I have heard it is real warm under the snow, but then I don't know. If the snails are frozen, you can put them in boiling water to thew out and crush them and feed them to the birds, lol. That is, if you want to go through that trouble.

2 Feb, 2009


Funnily enough, I found a lot of snails inside an old flowerpot - I left it out and by the next day only the shells were there - the birds must have cracked the shells and eaten them... well, Henry certainly isn't interested in snails, so what else would have done it??

I do feel for those goslings - they may not survive the cold/predators.

2 Feb, 2009


I wouldn't feel guilty about the snails. It's a good job you got rid of them. Just make sure the frost has killed them properly. You wouldn't want them to revive when it thaws.

2 Feb, 2009


Well done on moving the compost and the snails.
Fingers crossed for the young geese.
Very cold weather for them.

2 Feb, 2009


Much nicer for them to freeze to death rather than being smashed to pieces by our local Thrush. She was having a bashing time yesterday - I think she'd have trouble finding them today in the snow.

2 Feb, 2009


Been back to check on the babes, sadly only 2 today. I was able to very close to them and took a photograph with my 'phone, but don't seem able to transfer it to computer. A lot of people feeding all the birds,ducks,geese and one very cheeky young swan who takes food straight out of the bag.Would have liked to have posted a picture of him too - photography/computer lessons for me I think.

2 Feb, 2009

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