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2009 Scotland holiday: St. Andrews Botanic gardens part 2.


As promised, some more photos from this really wonderful place. For more information about the gardens, visit their website.

The giant Gunnera plants were huge!

The twins posing in front of a lily!
They loved walking around with me, especially through the woods and peat beds.

We passed these borders on the way to the glasshouses. I thought the globe flower was stunning so I took a snap!

There are 7 different glasshouse areas ranging from alpine house to tropical house.

In the temperate house, they had a really great display of carnivorous plants.

All in all, a worhtwhile place to visit. The sales area they have, though small was very tempting. Its a good job I never took spending money with me….

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Love the 2 red-heads (just like me years look very happy to be having a photo taken!

The grounds are really lovely and the gravel gardens inside really look attractive. That's one huge cactus with all the 'arms' reaching up to the heavens.

Thanks for taking the time to give us Part 2, GDad.

27 Oct, 2010


Lovely place Gdad,and so nice your twin boys are happy to share your love of plants...they look as though they were..:o))

28 Oct, 2010


thanks for this Gdad! Looks like there's scottish genes in them there children...fantastic hair!! I haven't been to St Andrews Botanic Gdn for a few years so really enjoying seeing these pics!

28 Oct, 2010


Good to see places like this, not ever likely to get up this far on the map lol

29 Oct, 2010


Don't remind me about the hair! Out of the 6 of us, four have red hair, mine is brown streaked with silver, and my 15 yr old has blonde hair like Brian Mays from Queen!
He also plays the guitar very well (self taught).

29 Oct, 2010


Oi! Don't you do a downer on red hair, both my children have lovely auburn locks and neither me or my OH have red hair...hilarious!

30 Oct, 2010


I haven't seen Brian Mays for a while..has he gone blonde Gdad? he always had dark hair...I love Queen...:o))

30 Oct, 2010


I meant to say his hair was like Brian Mays (a mess of long curls, all natural), only blonde.
He did really well in church tonight as the ladies he plays guitar with couldn't come so he was all by himself, playing at the back.
But we could all hear him and lots of parishoners commented on how well he did.

30 Oct, 2010


Ah, and all that angelic hair too!! :))

30 Oct, 2010


He is very quiet generally (conversation wise) and with 100+ people in tonight, he did really well. I am chuffed!
All my boys are fab: the twins are very funny and really clever, just like their older brothers. And the oldest got 3 A*, 6 As and 3 Bs in his GCSEs and £140.00 from the school as a reward.

30 Oct, 2010


Sorry Gdad,misunderstood you..Lol.Glad he enjoyed his solo spot in the limelight..I bet you were so stop..X Factor ???

30 Oct, 2010


Well deserved! Is that four boys you have there then Gdad? I have one girl (20) and one boy (18) and I am very proud of both of them as well. Both at uny at the moment. You are clearly a very proud and dedicated GeraniumDad!!

30 Oct, 2010


How lovely to know all your boys are doing so well...You sound like a really happy Family, and lots of love in your household..just as it should be..:o))

30 Oct, 2010

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