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Lot of Persian White Poppy

Genus: Papaver.

Species: Papaver somniferum.

This is one of my many early blooming white seeded varietys.Like all poppies you can plant in fall or spring time. Since they are cold loving I plant in early fall. They only need loose well drained soil. I mix compost or potting soil in well worked garden. Just scatter or barely cover no more than one sixteenth of an inch deep, And keep soil moist. They will grow slow and then go dormat if it gets real cold. Then resume growth when day temps get back in the 50s F. Thats when it's time for a little extra fert. They are high energy plants and consume alot of nutrients. If temps. go below freezing for extended periods I cover them with clear plastic since I hardly ever see snow here. I was just messing about. Next year I hope to have some really good pictures.

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