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Genus: Papaver

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The common name for the plants in this genus is poppy and there are about 70 species of annuals, biennials and perennials found in a range of habitats.

Perhaps the most familiar poppy is Papaver rhoeas, the corn- , field- or flanders poppy which is often seen as a weed especially by arable farmers with crops through which this species happily spreads!

On the converse, the most sinister form is probably thought to be Papaver somniferum or Opium poppy. Although known as the source of opiates, it also produces poppy seeds used in Asian cookery and on many breads and snacks.

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  • Oriental Poppy Victoria Louise (Papaver orientale (Oriental poppy))
    By Janey
  • Poppy with her namesake! (Papaver Cambrica.......Welsh Alpine Poppy)
    By Janey
  • Papaver Orientale........Victoria Louise (Papaver orientale (Oriental poppy))
    By Janey
  • Shirley Poppies (papaver)
    By Janey


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Poppy seeds

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14 Aug, 2009

Patty's Plum shrivelled up

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25 May, 2009

Edible poppy seeds

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15 Sep, 2008

Species of Papaver

  • Papaver acrochaetum
  • Papaver alboroseum
  • Papaver alpinum
  • Papaver apokrinomenon
  • Papaver apulum
  • Papaver arachnoideum
  • Papaver arenarium
  • Papaver argemone
  • Papaver armeniacum
  • Papaver atlanticum
  • Papaver aurantiacum
  • Papaver belangeri
  • Papaver berberica
  • Papaver bipinnatum
  • Papaver bracteatum
  • Papaver californicum
  • Papaver clavatum
  • Papaver commutatum
  • Papaver croceum
  • Papaver curviscapum
  • Papaver cylindricum
  • Papaver dahlianum
  • Papaver decaisnei :
  • Papaver dubium
  • Papaver fugax
  • Papaver glaucum
  • Papaver gorgoneum
  • Papaver gorodkovii
  • Papaver gracile
  • Papaver guerlekense
  • Papaver hybridum
  • Papaver kluanense
  • Papaver lacerum
  • Papaver lapponicum
  • Papaver lasiothrix
  • Papaver lateritium
  • Papaver macounii
  • Papaver mcconnellii
  • Papaver nudicaule
  • Papaver orientale
  • Papaver paucifoliatum
  • Papaver persicum
  • Papaver pilosum
  • Papaver polychaetum
  • Papaver postii
  • Papaver pseudo-orientale
  • Papaver purpureamarginatum
  • Papaver pygmaeum
  • Papaver radicatum
  • Papaver rhoeas
  • Papaver rhopalothece
  • Papaver rupifragum
  • Papaver sendtneri
  • Papaver somniferum
  • Papaver spicatum
  • Papaver strictum
  • Papaver stylatum
  • Papaver syriacum
  • Papaver triniifolium
  • Papaver umbonatum
  • Papaver walpolei