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The Wildflower project


By fuzexi


This is the bit I wanted to document most…. it’s sort of an experiment, although the experiment is not “pure” because there is other stuff planted there from the years before, but it all adds to the interest for me!

The main part of it is a “dual purpose” lawn mix which I got from Boston Seeds. This contains a mix of annuals and perennials, so I won’t see a lot of the plants until next year.

Into that mix I also planted a lot of seeds I had left over, such as poached egg seeds, and lots of poppies (none of which have come up so far), some spring onions which were reduced in Tesco’s (I put them in a glass of water until the roots were grown and then planted them near the roses because apparently this keeps greenfly at bay), oh, and there were some borage seeds and a few other things. Previously there was also some “four o’clock flower” that had self seeded, so that’s coming up, and a I sowed clover and chamomile. I wanted some daisy, so phoned up Boston seeds, and the lady said, “yes, we have some, but it’s quite expensive”, “how much?” I asked “£300 for 100g” came the reply. I said I think I’d give it a miss, I can go to the park and dig some up, to which she said “I don’t blame you”.

However, luckily, a daisy turned up in the spring, so I was really happy. I don’t understand people who don’t like daisies in the lawn. I mean, a £300 flower – how can you want to get rid of it?!

Anyway, below are some pictures…

View from above. Just between the nettles and the nasturtium leaves, there are four o’clock flowers coming up.


Purple flowers on nettles (I didn’t plant the nettles!)

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Fascinating experiment ... good luck with the project !

29 Jun, 2012


Nice to see the wild flowers. The 'nettle' is Hedge woundwort - Stachys sylvatica - a wild flower that probably came via birds or something :o)

29 Jun, 2012


Fascinating project best of luck with it :o))

29 Jun, 2012


Tansy will get rid of the Greenfly if you can find a root.

29 Jun, 2012


Thank you for all your comments! I actually feel a little bit bad about it because it's starting to look a bit like a garden that has been neglected!
I've been pulling out the bindweed because I don't like that, and more stuff is starting to pop up now.
I'm also trying to get my head round this blog navigation, would have liked to put up some more pics on this blog, but seems it's not possible.

3 Jul, 2012

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