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By fuzexi


This is the first post in my garden blog, and I’m going to have to keep it short, as I have to get my daughters lunch ready in a minute….

I’m calling it “Garden Mix” because there isn’t really a theme to it, or maybe there once was, but that fell by the wayside long ago. Also, I tend to throw seeds all over the place, and whatever grows, grows. And things die too, when I forget to water them.

I have two gardens, a front container garden, and a back garden with soil. They are both equally small, but the container garden gets a lot more attention, since nobody seems to ever go out the back, apart from me.

This year my big (well, small!) back garden project was a wildflower meadow thing, which is an attempt to help out bees which are in decline. It seems to be doing okay, and I’ll be posting stuff about that. The back garden once was sort of trying to be an oriental garden, so I was growing stuff like Jasmine, anemone hupehensis, Chinese Lanterns, and other stuff, but it also has some very English things like Quince, roses, and other stuff. The quince got there because I rescued the poor plant from a shelf in Woolworths, and it doing really well. I tend to rescue a lot of stuff like that. The Chinese lanterns, also doing well in both gardens, were picked up from the pavement, where somebody had vandalised someone’s garden, so I went home and put them in rooting compound. There are passion flowers which come from fruit seeds we ate, so we get some unusual flowers which obviously are meant for commercial fruit and not gardens. I’ll try to dig out some photos.. (the first two photos below)

The container garden was meant to be a Provence / Mediterranean affair, with basil, tomatoes, herbs, fig tree, olive tree, etc. But there are all sorts of stuff growing there too. At the moment I am particularly proud of the chamomile, but I don’t know what kind of chamomile it is. (photo below)

Anyway, hope you enjoy it, it’s meant to be a learning experience for my children, but it’s also a playground for me!

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Your gardens sound fascinating .... full of interesting plants. It's nice that you're involving the kids :o)

29 Jun, 2012


Haha, thanks! It's more of a distraction / obsession when I am supposed to be doing some work! But yes, the kids (one aged 7 and the other 15 months) are exploring... the older one has picked potatoes, tomatoes, blackcurrants, strawberries, and last week placed a seed bomb which is already sprouting roots!

29 Jun, 2012


My garden has no real theme Great blog, look forward to more.

29 Jun, 2012


Your garden sounds wonderful and I would love to see your wild flower meadow on your next blog.

30 Jun, 2012


Thanks for all your comments!
Actually I've been looking round the website at all the other gardens and I'm starting to feel a bit embarrassed about how neglected my garden looks!
I have some other photos to put up, and in a few days my echinacea is going to be in flower for the first time since I planted it two years ago, so looking forward to putting up a picture if that too.
I have taken some photos of the wildflower meadow, but the grass is buried beneath all the flowers, not all of which should be there. Ill put it up soon...

1 Jul, 2012

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