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Hi everyone, just to let you know that I’ve just got my internet set up again. It’ll take me a while to wade through six weeks’ worth of junk emails and such, but at least I’m up and limping, if not actually running yet x

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Welcome back Fran, its good to hear from you, hope you are well and settling in, I am eager to hear all your news, both inside and out and about, hope you will be really happy in your new home......

18 Jan, 2014


Hope you've found the camera Fran, looking forwards to all your news
Hope you will be very happy in your new home x

18 Jan, 2014


welcome back fran you must have lots to read judging the concern of your where abouts on goy i suppose we can consider you as an honary shropshire lass now xxxx steve

18 Jan, 2014


Hi Fran..
welcome back ..
I'm glad you're okay :o))) x

18 Jan, 2014


Glad you are back with us on GoY Fran. I expect you have lots to do unpacking all your belongings and sorting out. Determination pays off. Good time to do this in the winter when the weather is wet and windy outside and no garden to distract you. Hope the house is warmed up by now.

18 Jan, 2014


Great to hear from you Fran, hope you are enjoying your new home as much as I am mine, :) we arrived home from holidays last night, and even though it's been raining heavy all day, we are so pleased to be back...and my OH even went out in the wet and built my new garden arch for me! He's gone out to get concrete now so we can get it up once the rain stops tomorrow. I'll put a pic on for you soon! :)

18 Jan, 2014


Hi Fran, Happy New Year in a new home. :-)

18 Jan, 2014


Welcome back Fran, I hope you will be very happy in your new home and am looking forward to hearing all your news :o))

19 Jan, 2014


thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

not done very much in the way of unpacking yet - shelves have still to be put up and other DIY sorted, but that'll soon change (it says here!).

I'm slowly learning my way around, how to get into town, what's where in relation to everything else, though this isn't really the time of year for major exploring - especially as I have to walk everywhere (dont' have a bus pass yet) and everywhere seems to be at least half an hour away! but at least I'll be getting fitter - *s* my last "explore" kept me out for four hours (not intentionally: I couldn't get a cab back so I had to walk home with bags of shopping) - I was well ready for a doze when I got back!

GQT was up here a couple of weeks ago: I heard them announce on the previous programme that they'd be at Percy Thrower's centre the next time - missed it, but at least got the BBC podcast of it

19 Jan, 2014


Nice to see you back online, Fran! :-)) Hope you are beginning to settle in.

New Year, new life! LOL! :-))

Looking forward to reading your future blogs! :-))

20 Jan, 2014


thanks Balcony.

still so much to do, but chipping away at what I can do, and adding to the "handyman" list for the stuff I can't - lol get them in for a full list rather than call them in for one item at a time

Been taking my caera out and about with me, the Reabook at the back is really high compared to how it was before the rain (didn't have my camera on me then, so don't have any "before" to go with the "after - by the time i remembered and went back it had already risen).

21 Jan, 2014


Glad to hear the upsets of the last few months are behind you and the spirit is undented. I'm looking forward to seeing your blogs again. You have been a big missing link.

24 Jan, 2014


thanks, Scotscgran, for the very kind thought xx

25 Jan, 2014

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