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asteroid alert!


There’ll be a close encounter with an asteroid tonight, some good photo ops for those of you that have decent cameras and know how to use them!

“For skywatchers in the UK, the graphic below indicates roughly where in the southern sky to try to spot 2012 DA14.”

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I think, the most important asteroid already hit the Earth - in Ural. ;-)

15 Feb, 2013


The footage on the news was amazing.

15 Feb, 2013


100% cloudy in London - not that I'd have seen much between the trees and surrounging tall blocks! but I'm going to head for the BBC news page, and NASA's Picture of the Day (amazing site, with staggeringly beautiful photos) should have something on it.

You're right, Kat - a coincidence, they called it. hmmmm ...This is the third time this century that a large meteorite has impacted, and every time it's been in Russia

another photo op on Sunday - Mercury will be closest to earth. I don't know why I pyt all this stuff on my calendar, it's not like I'm going to be able to see any of it!!!

16 Feb, 2013


Fran@I remember Tunguz and this one. Which was the third?

16 Feb, 2013


There is some interest in Mercury at the moment, something about how it hasn't always been so close to the sun
That meteorite looked really scary.......

16 Feb, 2013


lol Pam, I wouldn't be at all surprised! as a total know-nothing in these matters, I have a theory that the asteroid belt once was a planet that got destroyed, maybe in a huge meteor impact - the planet's gravitational effects disaapred with the planet's breakup, and so the other planets had to readjust to gain a new equilibrium - those sunward of the asteroid belt would have adjusted sunwards until harmony was achieved. lol you can tell i read a lot of science fiction, can't you?

I never caught a glimpse of this one - but then, when I saw the pics on BBC website, could undertsand why! even with a large telescope it's only a small blur, not much chance of naked-eye viewing, even if there hadn't been total cloud cover.

Kat: i'm not sure, I read somewhere that there was another impact on Russia - Tunguska, of course, and this one, and ...

as usual, I asked Mr Google: I found a Russian Meteor Impact Site, it might say there

16 Feb, 2013


Hi Fran, this is the best video until now where you see place where could fall one of meteorite/asteroid parts...please keep this place in memory as in several thousands years we will go here to dig are forever :)

17 Feb, 2013

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