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carnivorus garden gnomes?


Trawling through Google for “realistic garden gnomes” I found this – the phrase “three garden gnomes enjoy children at the festival” makes me wonder – how do the gnomes enjoy them? Fried or roasted?—may-01-three-garden-gnomes-enjoy-children-at-the-festival-for-inauguration-the-new.html

ps: found this, too – “Garden Gnome Story” on, wuold you believe it, “Just Say Gnome”!

I’ve previously posted on “History of Garden Gnomes”

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Added to GoYpedia Gnomes !

15 Dec, 2012


Baked in the oven like the witch in hansel and grettle........

Gosh some fairy stories are gruesome. :0)))

15 Dec, 2012



they do look nice, though; there are some fun poses, don't know if they themselves are posable.

15 Dec, 2012


Don't remember seeing many in your garden Fran - are you planning a gnomery?

15 Dec, 2012


We don't see any garden gnomes here in Italy, but instead there seems to be a national fixation with highly coloured statues of Snow White and the seven dwarves (with thanks to Mr Disney) - LOADS of gardens have them. Very strange.

16 Dec, 2012


lol Steragran, I'm looking for smaller, naturalistic ones: any gnome in real life that had bright clothing would be something's dinner beore very long!

There's a "garden gnome liberation" movemnt, if you can believe that!

sure there's lots more

16 Dec, 2012


I'm coming round to believing almost anything Gattina!

16 Dec, 2012


Would I lie to you, Stera? ;o) There is a Gnome Liberation Front in Italy called Malag, based not that far away from us, over the border in Tuscany. Honest! Obviously all the REAL gnomes have been spirited away by partisans, leaving only the Disneyesque frauds (Biancaneve e i sette nani in giardino)! If you don't believe me, Google it!

17 Dec, 2012

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