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The down pipe story.


Well you all now by now If I think it’s usefull keep it.
This is what I did with the down pipe. I have a fence that I am responsible for in my back garden. The capping piece of wood is always the first thing to rot on panel fences. This protects the rest of the wood. What could I do about this.Brain ticking over again, this is what I did. I cut the down pipe I salvaged from next door into the apropriate lengths to cover the top of the panel and a little longer 1/2 in each end. Then I cut down it’s length one cut level with one side, then cut a second cut down it’s length 1/2in to 3/4in away from it’s edge. The best way of telling you the shape is like a letter G without the tail back on itself . This makes it into asort of hook and secures it to the top of the fence. It’s probably easier for you to see a photo of it, instead of baffleing you with bad explination.

This I hope is a snap of the fence down it’s length, and showing I hope how neat the top of the fence is .
Whoops wrong snapshot. Don’t now how to delete and replaice the photo once I have published

This is a snap of just one panel. you have to force the pipe over the top edge of the panel. By the way my neighbour likes it too, and it was not his down pipe originally but the neighbour the other side. When he has his guttering renewed he is going to do the same with his side that he is responsible for.

Ive just moved the whole words to the second photo, to the top of the photo, haven’t a clue how that happened.
Now can I ask a computer Q when I get some replies in my inbox to GoY there is sometime a lot all replying to the same blog.If the number of the reply is the same at the end of them when I click on to them, does it mean that they are all for the same blog. And I don’t have to keep on going to each reply and clicking on to my blog and back to each reply. Hope you understand the Q

I,ve got another idea to tell you all if you are not all bored by now…..Frank

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hi frank lots of lovely plants growing there, really healthy ,sorry cant answer your problems though ,just about fumbling through site myself and a novice to the computer but people are so nice on here im sure youl get help soon.

14 Oct, 2009


Hi Frank when you get a message on your inbox for your blog, it will state where the reply is for, which in this blogs case it will say The down pipe story and you will see above this a reply from one or two or more members in your inbox individually, if you click on to one of those replies to this blog, all replies will show on here, to answer these replies you just read each one that s here like mine and Joanella, then scroll down from here now and it will state comment on this blog and all you have to do is say thank you Morgana, and Joanella or any thing different which you might chose to say, then if later some one else makes a comment you click on from your inbox again, and will bring you back here, you then scroll down again and reply like before. Hope you understand this Love your green house I m jealous I have nt got one at all and all those lovely plants you have too very nice, like your idea about the drain pipe too.

14 Oct, 2009


Frank thats a great idea and as you say it will protect your fence. As to no1 photo I`m pleased you put the wrong one in because it shows your lovely plants..........

14 Oct, 2009


Thanks all . I think I get onto this GoY all about face, Because I get to see your replies by going into my windows mail in box.Where there is sometimes 5 or 6 sometimes more, and I click onto them individually. The ones that come from GoY nearly all come back to the same plaice. Does this mean all of the ones with the same end number comes to the same spot, and don't have to go back and forth windows in to GoY .

I'm confused I don't now about you Morgana......Frank

14 Oct, 2009


If its got the same number perhaps then yes it would be the same picture but I don't have numbers on mine just the title of my pictures or blogs.

14 Oct, 2009


That is a numero uno all time brilliant solution to and age old fence rotting problem, I have just nominated this blog for a GoYpedia.
As for replies you do not have to keep switching from your e-mail to GoY, all you do is log in to GoY and access your inbox from your homepage by clicking on the green tabs along the upper part of the page, if you do not wish to get notifacations in your e-mail inbox, go to the 'update your profile' link next to your Avatar photo and then uncheck the e-mail notification box.

14 Oct, 2009


Brilliant solution to the fence capping problem Frank. Love all the plants down the side of the greenhouse as well

14 Oct, 2009


looks a nice neat job Frank, a great way to do a bit of recycling :)

15 Oct, 2009


Frank I love your greenhouse and the planting down the path. I think your guttering idea will be a hit with many, good for you.

15 Oct, 2009


Great Idea there Frank, do you think it would work with round downpipe too? We've just replaced all our fence capping unfortunately but we'll be saving any drainpipe we come across for next time!
Keep plodding on with the techie stuff, little by little things become clearer. I'm amazed by what I can do now compared to 4 months ago. I've just achieved (somehow) another 'first' today in my pics. :o))

15 Oct, 2009


You have really hit the Jackpot there Frank, what a brilliant invention. I'm glad that Bobq has nominated you for GoYpedia.
As for the technical computer bits it will all start to make sense soon. Like Lily2 I was in a complete fog when I started on the computer 4 months ago and now I can do more than I would have thought possible. We older ones
are'nt born to it like the youngsters so its bounds to take some learning for us. I had to stop getting the emails too and it is a lot easier to just click onto your homepage, then onto 'Inbox' and see who sent what.
You are obvious a very skilled gardener and before long you will be a computer Whizz-Kid!

15 Oct, 2009


A beautiful border by the greenhouse, Frank. Nice and full up, just how I like my borders!

15 Oct, 2009


You're right Paul, I was so busy admiring the fence I didn't look at the rest of the garden! Lovely border Frank.

15 Oct, 2009


great idea frank looks so neat, as for the mail box i agree with bob, go on your profile and uncheck the mail option,i dont have anything going to my mail as it would be never ending, you can view all you need on GOY you will get there frank dont worry, :o)

15 Oct, 2009


Great idea, neat job, Frank. On the technical side, if you just log onto GoY, you can see all the responses in your inbox, or you can click on your blogs and select the blog and all the responses will be there as well. Your Windows email system gets email alerts from GoY whenever someone adds something to your inbox - you don't have to look at each email, you can just select the latest email, log on and see them all at once in your GoY inbox on your profile page. Then, when you finish on GoY, go back to your Windows email system and delete all the email alerts from GoY.

15 Oct, 2009


Well I must say a big THANK YOU to all of you. And thanks too Bobq for the nomination and computer advice, and to everyone who has helped to improve my computer skills.
It could work with round down pipe Lily2 but cutting it along it's length will be more dificult, and you would have to make 2 cuts to remove a piece of it away before it will fit over the top of the fence.
Once again thanks all. I still have more ideas and some I have put into practise. I'll share them with you all.And remember I haven't spent a single penny on my ideas yet.I think I will tell you how I built my propergater on my next blog. I need to take some photos so can't do it tonight .
I am going to try to put some of your advice into practise now Frank

15 Oct, 2009


Smart recycling idea & lush border, Frank. Glad to have such an inventor on GoY!

18 Oct, 2009


Not bored at all Frank. I think you have some great ideas :o)

19 Oct, 2009


Just caught up with this blog Frank. Once again you have come up with a brilliant idea. If there was a competition on Goy for 'best ideas man' I'm sure you would win it:-)

31 Jan, 2010


TY Bornagain

1 Feb, 2010

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