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After the Storm


By elke


After the Storm – although it might not yet be completely past us…

We’ve had gale-force winds and torrential rain here for several days, with more to come. Amazingly the garden survived, and was probably delighted to get all that moisture.

I was concerned particularly about the flags, but although a couple of heads broke off, the rest are fine.

The iris survived well too.

Patrick staked the new pear trees, so they did not suffer.

Sorry Toto!

The seas were running high during the storm, and Patrick went to take a look at the surf at the beach. He found 2 intrepid surfers pretending to be seals, and not having a lot of luck with good waves…

On Saturday we hiked with a guided tour on Oak Island, a famous treasure-hunting spot in Nova Scotia.

Apparently since 1765, tens of millions of $$ have been spent on this quest, and several lives lost in the flood tunnels and shafts in the search to find the elusive treasure.

Here we all are at the famous Money Pit, now just a collapsing hole in the ground…

Below one of the main excavations, we found some spruce trees with very unusual surplus growth, possibly a result of the leachates from the excavated debris, which included granite bedrock, and therefore possibly arsenic and uranium.

Here’s a close up of one of the branches, just packed with cones.

Today (June 24th) is a holiday in Quebec (Saint-Jean Baptiste), so I have a day off myself, as all my clients are there. We had planned a coast drive to Yarmouth, Digby and Annapolis Royal, but the fog is so thick that it would have been pointless. Ah well…

Until the weather clears..

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Even after the storms, your garden is still looking lovely, Elke. Those blue Iris are gorgeous. It looks as though your flowering season is a little behind ours, as mine have all finished.
I'd love to hear the story behind the treasure hunt. It sounds like a search for pirate treasure. I'll use the link you gave later.
Never seen anything like that deformed Spruce before. Amazing!
It must be a fascinating place to live, although the weather you have doesn't appeal very much.
Interesting blog and great photos.

24 Jun, 2009


Hi Bbb, thanks for your comment. I can see by the Cornwall web cams today that you have lovely weather. We do have spells of great weather here too, especially after living in Montreal where the winters are much longer and colder and the summers are hot and steamy. May, August and September are the best months for sunshine here on the coast. July can be very foggy as the ocean warms up. You're right, we don't get into real spring until late April, early May here, but it's worth the wait. Then we kind of catch up with you for a while, and can enjoy a lovely long dry autumn after that. Winter is much shorter and milder here than in Montreal. Nothing like the mild, wet winters I remember from my Cornish childhood though - we were 'lucky' if we got to see even one day of snow then!
If you want, take a look at some of my other blogs where you'll see some sunshine! The current weather pattern is unusual - it doesn't stick around as long as this normally.

24 Jun, 2009


So sorry your getting the bad weather Elke, your garden looks as though it's surviving. We're having great weather too up in the North-west it is a gloriously sunny day, and it has been forecast to go on until end August, I'll believe that when it happens :o)))

24 Jun, 2009


God news for you, Bobg, hope it turns out to be true, although you could be in for a bit of a drought! We have family near Barrow, and follow their gardening progress, so we'll know! I also check out the Far Sawrey-Windermere ferry cam each day to check and see what's happening.
We are actually grateful for the rain, as the threat of a forest fire is ever present in summer.

24 Jun, 2009


stunning irises. very envious.

24 Jun, 2009


Spoke too soon, today is cool and overcast :o))

25 Jun, 2009


The plants seem to have survived and enjoyed the rain Elke. We are praying for some here in Essex!

25 Jun, 2009


The forecast says you'll get some starting tomorrow, Paulthegardener. Hope that's true - farmers and gardeners love it, everyone else moans.

25 Jun, 2009


They'll moan when their lawns go brown Elke. And some are starting to here. Trouble this year has been tat even when it's rained we've had quite strong winds most days to dry it out!

25 Jun, 2009

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