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By elke


For those of you interested in architecture and buildings, here are a few photos of what houses and buildings (and gardens) look like around here (South Shore Nova Scotia, between Liverpool and Lunenburg mostly).

First, a typical ‘Cape’.

And a renovated one, with a few additions.

An old farm barn converted to a summer beach house.

The oldest house in Cherry Hill, now a glass/watercolour studio and home.

Redoing the cedar shingles Рthey gradually fade to a silver grey. Petite Rivi̬re.

Liverpool was a rum-running port, and thus very prosperous. There’s a whole street of lovely houses like this.

Lunenburg is a Unesco World Heritage site. Here’s a typical B&B.

And a link to the town’s Web site:

Lockeport is on a small island reached by a causeway. It was also prosperous in the early 1800’s, and has a preserved streetscape of old houses.

Now a few fish sheds, as that was the main industry besides shipbuilding and forestry.

Now a few architectural details.

This is the inside of what is known as a Lunenburg ‘bump’ a 3-sides window on the upper floor that juts out from the roof.

In Liverpool. all the fire hydrants are painted to resemble militia men, who had difficulty catching the rum runners.

Now I’d better include a few gardens!

And a couple of my home village – Voglers Cove:

These houses are on Little Tancook Island, in Mahone Bay.

Some $1 million homes in upscale Chester, Mahone Bay:

So when are you all planning to visit Nova Scotia???

Hope you enjoyed the tour. This is what I do for fun.

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Lovely photos Elke. I have always been interested in architecture and its various forms and, when on a holiday to Canada (in the Banff region), was interested to see the extremely steep pitch to the roofs - I assume to allow snow to slide off. Clever! All the casas here are made of brick and stone with thick walls so seeing so many houses made of wood seems alien to me!

24 Jan, 2009


You have such lovely buildings there and beautiful blue skies in all the photos too. Thank you for showing us, It was so interesting to see .

24 Jan, 2009


Great blog. Nice to see so many old buildings with not a single concrete and glass office block in sight

24 Jan, 2009


great blog Elke, i loved looking at all the different style house,
you live in a beautiful part of the world

24 Jan, 2009


~would love to visit!

24 Jan, 2009


Fantastic photos Elke. I will show them to my daughter who is an architech. We were fascinated by the designs in the Banff and Vancouver, when we visited last year. On Vancouver Island we managed to get to see the Butchart Gardens, what a wonderful and amazing place. We brought some seeds home so we hope they will take.

24 Jan, 2009


Wow, I can't believe the response! I love buildings too, I was trained as a commercial interior designer so perhaps that's the connection. So glad you found these interesting. All taken within a 40-km stretch of coastline. Nova Scotia is so much bigger than that. I'll do another blog of Quebec vernacular sometime if you like, very different but equally interesting. Very 'old French'. I feel a bit guilty straying from the 'garden' theme, but as long as you're enjoying the visit... :)

24 Jan, 2009


What lovely houses, i also loved the little flower pot man sat on the steps.

24 Jan, 2009


I loved the garden that went down to the lake - I would spend all my time looking at the view!

Thanks for the guided tour - it was interesting and very different to the UK!

24 Jan, 2009


The garden to the lake is actually the side of Amos Pewter in the town of Mahone Bay, and the 'lake' is an inlet on Mahone Bay (Atlantic Ocean). Here's a link:

24 Jan, 2009


Lovely shots Elke, It is a beautiful area. A visit sounds nice, but like Marguerite I think I come in the summer. : )

24 Jan, 2009


Grand tour normally something I would only see on the telly,thankyou Elke,the photographs are stunning and a good read too .........

25 Jan, 2009


Lovely blog brought back memories ....toured Nova Scotia many years ago stayed in Kemptville and caught the Blue Nose from Yarmouth over to Bar Harbour , Maine.Beautiful part of the world - still find it hard to get my head around the size and feeling of space in Canada and US .

Kemptville a tiny village not really a town with one store a church and a fire depot.So much space dont do side roads all houses on the main street , 26 miles long !

Still have nightmares over your 4 way stops ! Like our cross roads but you have to remember who got there first - think I spent weeks at them ...

26 Jan, 2009


great blog, lovely to see the other side of the world! the houses are lovely so different to what we have here, would love to visit alas i cannot fly anymore so thanks for showing me what it looks like.

26 Jan, 2009


Thanks for letting us see all these beautiful pictures. My favourites are the fishing huts and all those gorgeous windows. What IS it about real windows that just makes a house special?
I've really enjoyed your blog - one of the all-time favourites for me!

27 Jan, 2009


Thanks so much Weeding, and of course every one else who has commented. You're all so good with compliments and feedback, it makes this really fun.

27 Jan, 2009


elke,elke,are you conning all of us, you say you live in nova scotia, you must be mistaken, are you sure it,s not
HEAVEN, I envy you even more now, but enjoy, you deserve it after all the hard toil you put into it.
Good luck & WELCOME to our community.

28 Jan, 2009


And this is only a blog about a few houses in our small neighbourhood... just wait 'til I start on the beaches, the wildlife, the food...!! Thanks for the kind words!

28 Jan, 2009


hallo Elke
I live in Ontario, now 41 years. Came from the Netherlands. I have seen documentaries about different places. And I have worked with Nova Scotians in the past, who showed me photographs of the places where they lived. So am somewhat familiar with the region via photos. BUT, I ALWAYS enjoy watching more and more. Especially when the photographs are taken in the summer!!

My hub (canadian chap) and I have been talking that we'd do some travelling inside of Canada and of course the east coast is included. So you just keep on posting all this lovely stuff. In the meantime, I will be dragging him to my pc and show him all these lovely places. Just so to keep him hankering for a trip out east!

have a lovely year and I hope you all out east, aren't suffering from too much snow this winter. I have seen some pictures of Quebec City and am glad I live where I do! not too much of that stuff out here.

greets from powderbrush in Ontario

29 Jan, 2009


Elke you are doing a wonderful job of promotting our fair province. Are you sure you don't work for the tourist bureau? The South Shore is indeed a lovely spot, (next to the Cabot Trail of course!)

30 Jan, 2009


We're planning a trip to Cape Breton this year, so I'll be sure to include some photos on my return! Or perhaps you'd like to do a blog on the island??? :)

30 Jan, 2009


I have included some water views in my photos but haven't done any in a blog format.

31 Jan, 2009


Hello Elke,

I am currently an architecture student at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love you.



7 Oct, 2020

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