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Hi dungy I have flaged these blogs to the admin team so hopfully everything should be back to normal soon I think this has happend before.

26 Feb, 2014


Morning Dungy I've flagged lots as well so hoping nomal service will be resumed shortly.....It does happen now and again.....

26 Feb, 2014


I ve just seen one which is about usa strengthing their ships aircraft etc they had quiet a few blogs. Now just can't find it.

26 Feb, 2014


Well if you can't beat them "join them"

Hello sailor boys & girls ,
I know you cant really have a lawn on your boat so why not have hanging baskets?

If you need any help just send your message's in a bottle to "grows on you"

26 Feb, 2014


Lol Dungy good on you my mothers use to say the same about mps.

26 Feb, 2014

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