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Has "gardening blogs lost it????


By dungy


Good morning to one & all,
Im not long back from the “Walkies session” and i thought a nice cup of coffee and a read of the only forum im on “GOY
I really do enjoy the chats of the members and what they have been up to “But” what do i find thid morning!!!

Anything but gardenening or country subjects,

Has the world changed over night?
Are we not going to get any members blogs?

Will this blog not go out?

“Did the man in the white coat put something in my coffee”?

And its that very fine rain to add insult to the day,

Water water all over the place all i need to read know for a perfect day would be some council has decided to have a hose pipe ban for all of “MARCH” and then i’ll know the worlds gone mad.


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Oh heck how many this time?? I guess I know what I am doing whilst having my cuppa...
We have to flag them Dungy, they are a pain in the proverbial but will be got rid of, just don't comment on them.
As to gardening its a beautiful morning so I will be going out soon to make the most of all that sunshine...........

26 Feb, 2014


I think some are chinese!
I flagged one of each and said there were three pages, admin will sort it I'm sure
at least we haven't had any of those "I want to be your friend" pms for ages.....I didn't like those, these are just a nuisance

26 Feb, 2014


Its a glorious morning Lincs, I made scones to celebrate.....well you have to keep your strength up :0)

26 Feb, 2014


It sure is Pam, I think I've worked my way through most of the rubbish, will check again later, I have a lawn that needs raking over, scones is a good idea, might do some later.....

26 Feb, 2014

Did you mean this person Dungy blogs all about weapons ships helicopters etc up grading it all. Yes the world has gone mad defiently, they can't have any thing better to do with their lives is what I say, the devil makes work for idle hands.

26 Feb, 2014


Or idle brains.

26 Feb, 2014



26 Feb, 2014


they are ads for various things . just flag them and they soon get taken away.

27 Feb, 2014


All gone now......

27 Feb, 2014

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