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By dungy


Good Morning all,
Well as you can see from the heading!!
Its a really summery day here today, ive removed 4 x pairs of the socks & 3 jumpers, plus the thermal underwear, And now i can move, Im free, (THE OTHER LAYERS STAY ON UNTIL AT LEAST AUGUST)

But serious , it really is like a summers day, one of our dogs “Henry” is rolling on his back on the lawn with ball in mouth, (He never lets that ball out of his sight or mouth)

The ribes are in full bud and the mini daffs around the fruit tree’s are starting to open,

Well after much debate it’s been decided by

“She who must be obeyed” that bar boo (the statue ive re-vamped) is going to a new part of the garden,

Yes it’s going under the apple tree we’re two of our dogs we’re put to rest,

This tree sit’s on a slight slope and we have a garden long seat under the tree,
We thought it would be nice to put the statue in this spot as with all the muscari and snow drops, crocus, blue bells,
thats already covering this spot the statue should fit in well .
And to be honest its a special little place in the garden full of thoughts when these two little dogs once ran all over the garden (and bulbs) in such joy to be alive way.

“Only animal lovers know we’re im coming from”
The rest of the world thinks ive completly lost the plot,

And the man in the white coat says Im to take no notice of you normal people.

But we’re off to the garden centre later to buy some nice
Pansies for the urns in front of the front door’s.

I never complain about going to the garden centre
not like i do ref the trolly dash “super/market”.

I think you get a much better sort of people in the garden centre “at least on a monday anyway”.

Well enjoy your day and give a thought to us sad cases who have to go garden plant hunting!!! “It can be a hard life”.

NURSE, NURSE Can you unlock me Now??

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Lol who wants to be sane any way more fun being mad is it not and all those you don't want near you run away with fear haha .. It all sounds wonderful with you sitting admiring all those bulbs and having your statue to gaze upon. Lovely idea of she who must be obeyed to situate it under the tree by the graves of your other pet dogs. I am envious of your visit to the garden centre and love the idea of the pansies in your urns.

24 Feb, 2014


How about some photos of the area round the apple tree Dungy?

24 Feb, 2014


Lol Steragram I thought the same but had to use my imagination.

25 Feb, 2014

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