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By dungy


Hi to all you outdoor garden lovers,

Well ive seen it happen yet again today,
What am i talking about!

People selling plants shrubs etc out in cold weather on the street,
We have a large street market here in france and its a nice place to go to see the verious fashion’s people wear and the music being played and “like a lot of french folk”
Ive learned to have a feel “before i buy” fruit etc,

But i always have a coffee on the outside area of the coffee cafe and people watch,

And again today as last year ive seen people buying plants to grow on off the street, its not warm here today not even mild,
These plants are damaged before they ever get to their new homes.
This market starts at 7am so you can imagen when they we’re loaded into the vans etc ready to sell today.

Any garden centre would’nt have the likes of tomatoe plants out in the cold like ive seen this morning,
they must have be grown in heat and this cold weather will not do them any good.

If ive learned one thing in life its quality evertime,

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All our outdoor markets sell plants in season, you don't see tomato plants for sale for sometime yet, then only in garden centres till late spring.

22 Feb, 2014


I see plant here in supermarkets wilt and die still on sale nor reduced half the time through lack of water as they are not allowed to water them. Garden centres throwing wilted or dying off plants out rather than give them away to the poor or least well off. Councils ripping up the garden beds throwing perfectly good plant then sending them to the compost bin at onetime they would let people take them. Since they have contracts with nuseries they dont keep them but they are no longer allowed to give away either waste and cruelity to plant as I see it, which lives and feels and has senses if this was done to an animal there would be uproar.

22 Feb, 2014


Its a shame when a new gardener gets caught out as they think its themselves that have done something wrong, hopefully they will perk up for them.......We are having a windy, dull day here Dungy but can admire the spring flowers through the windows.........

23 Feb, 2014


I so agree with you 3d. I feel for plants when they are ill treated & I often see them as you describe, more's the pity.

23 Feb, 2014


Thank you Feverfew they have no conscience in my opinion just selfishness and greed.

23 Feb, 2014

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