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Heating the greenhouse


By dungy


it seems from the replies to yesterdays blog that im not alone ref heating the greenhouse,
Its just got out of the question with cost being what they are today,

Ive read that the victorian gardeners did put bales of straw around the greenhouse inside edges as a way of both keeping the heat in and when the sowing time came they made space in the bale’s so as to put clay pots into the top of these bales,
The idea being that the straw helped keep the pots frost free and warm,
The baled straw was later used in the compost heap to speed up the rotting,
So no waste at all.
Any home made ideas ref storing heat without fuel/electric’s ??

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My gh is made of blocks with double glazed windows and door (recycled) and a twin polycarb roof
last years osteospermum are full of buds and flowers, the cyclamen have been flowering since october, but then its been remarkably warm up to now.......10c overnight here!

20 Feb, 2014


There was something on ytube recently to do with candles and earthenware plant pots , I 've looked for you , but I can't find it .
You could Google it , Dungy .

20 Feb, 2014


These might help ...
2 GoY questions re. greenhouse heating ..

20 Feb, 2014


I cover everything in the green house with for me. Tender plants I put in my outer hall. Really tender plants come into the house. People just except coming in my front door in the winter is an obstacle course.

20 Feb, 2014


I took polystyrene boxes home from the GC sawed them up with the kitchen serrated knife, and shoved in between the plants and the glass around the GH. Dont know if
it made it warmer and am not going out at night to find out.

21 Feb, 2014


As this is my first winter with the Greenhouse, I tried a couple of things to keep the warmth in, however I'm not sure how successful it would be with a bad frost etc. As my Greenhouse is only 6 X 4, I purchased 2 fleece blankets from one of the "pound" shops and covered my GH with those and secured them with bricks and "bulldog" clips. When it was frosty the frost was on the blanket but didn't touch the actual GH glass, which I'm hoping helped to keep it at a warmer temperature than if the frost had got onto the glass...all experimental at present! I also got some old carpet underlay from a friend and cut it into pieces and tired it around the pots and trays, as well as placing it against the GH walls. Any polystyrene trays which have once held meat or fish, have been washed and placed around the GH to hopefully keep the heat in as well as using litre plastic bottles as cloches over pots.

21 Feb, 2014


The youtube video

21 Feb, 2014

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