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The end of another near perfect gardening day.


By dungy


Good evening spade workers,
Well it’s almost the end of another day in the garden,
the weathers been good for gardening “a bit overcast but warm” ideal for just doing those jobs that dont take to much out of you,

except for my deer problem this morning and a flee in my ear from the farmer ive had a day to sort more bedding areas out and plant out more tomato plants,

Its nice to be settled in a way of life you enjoy and not one of the stressed out army,

Ive known lots of people who are so involved in making money they’ve met themselves coming back.

No for me the steady pace, doing what you enjoy and not having stress with every meal is a good sign you’ve made something of life.

As i planted the toms i thought these will be turned into jams/chutneys/soups/pizza’s and for fresh salads,
the peppers are coming along well as are the onions,
and the three sorts of lettuce are all growing well,

No matter how much you like your food it’s a nice thought to know "not just think’ that your own grown grown food is 100% safe to eat.

The toms ive planted outside today will taste like a tomato should taste like, not some watery excuse, and the lettuce will be from the soil to the table via a wash within a few minutes of picking, you dont get fresher than that.
Yes it’s a good thing to end the day by sitting for a few minutes on the garden bench and looking at what you’ve spent your day doing,
I can honestly recommend retirement if your of the mind to have an interest such as gardening.

I sometimes wonder how i found the time to go to work "But i did " for all those years and paid into the National insurance stamps etc
Now its payback time and time to get back some of what i paid in and enjoy the interest i have,
who could ask for anything more?

Good night all And happy gardening to you all.

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They say that gardening is good for the soul, I know I feel much more relaxed and happier when l have spent time in the garden.

12 Jun, 2013


Hi Taz,
Yes i think your right ref gardening being good for the soul,
What i like about gardening you can do it as a complete loner and enjoy your own company or as a family.

Its easy to get carried away with whats thought of as normal,
Let me explain,
When i was at school the only thing i was any good at was football, "why" because the teacher told me i was,
One day one of my friends kicked the small tennis ball we used in the play ground to play football with at it hit one of the staff in the face,
I was hauled off to the head masters office and told for the next 4 days i would stand facing the wall during all playtimes. (It was'nt me who kicked the ball)

But one lady who took domestic science would not have me standing facing the wall "she said' you can sit on that stool keep very very quiet and watch as these young ladies make scones.

I was amazed how slow these young ladies could be in taking the info of what to do and when.

I was wanting to take part "but where i lived & at that time in my life "boys didnt do cooking , "it was a girl thing".
I missed a good chance to do something i would have loved to do because of following the crowd,

When i found i had an interest in gardening i made sure i grabbed it with both hands and started off alone and then when i did meet people through getting my allotment i found the story repeated by others of going it alone.

Ive done gardening for over 35 years now as my hobby and ive never left the hobby and always enjoyed it.

Ive gone full circle now and back to gardening alone but still want to learn and pass on anything i can to those who are starting off.
Nice to talk to you Taz,

12 Jun, 2013

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