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By dungy


Morning all,
Its a nice cool morning today here “france” and ive just got back from the walkies with the boys,
Just now they’re eating breakfast “all safe & happy”

But 30 mins ago was a different story
As we walked along the tracks and down to the water edge of the steam the boys went about sniffing and chewing grass/ running in & out of the water

Just a normal morning walk “but then” my eye caught sight of a baby deer its head stuck in the barbed wire fencing,
The dogs had’nt seen the deer and as i tied each one of them to the gate i walked over to this half dead animal and thought what the hell do i do!!
These animals can turn nasty!

But its eye blinked it’s tonge half out of its mouth and blood we’re the wire had cut into its kneck,

from the soil around this part of the fence i could see the deer had tried for a long time to get out of this mess,

As i stroked its head and talked to it and checked to see if any more serious damage was done, i couldnt help but notice how tough its coat was, All seemed fine "just the head in this tangled wire,

I started to bend the wire and get it away from the deers cut kneck and by bending and bending the wire snapped, now i could get enough sized hole to release the deers head, (if only it would keep still)

It half got to its feet coughed and fell over, then again it stood up and looked at me, it really was a strange feeling as now i was on my knees and the deer stood up and we found we we’re looking at each other,

it was then “Henry” one of my dogs started to bark and the deer ran off, we’re he got the strength from i dont know but he just ran and ran into the woods.
I washed the blood off my hands in the stream and we all walked home ,
Passing the fields and seeing the cow’s we see most days.
Nature and the wild animals are something im so pleased i live close enough to see in a distance,

But as the boys are all fed regulary and safe its a nice feeling to see daily and knowing they’ve someone who cares for them.

Nature and gardenng go hand in hand.

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Well done Dungy for saving that poor animal! Must have been a strange feeling being so close to a wild deer like that. Hopefully it will recover and have learnt to avoid barbed wire in future!

11 Jun, 2013


Hi Louisa,
Hope your well and having nice weather,
ref the deer ive had a right telling off by the farmer who's fence i snapped,

I went back later this afternoon to see if i could do something to stop any animal or human getting caught up in the wire,
Anway i took a hammer/nails and a pair of plyers,

I'd almost finished when i heard one of those four wheeled bikes coming along the track and the farmer "mr
johns and his sheep dog came over to see what i was doing,
I explained what had happend this morning and then he said if it would have been a "stag" it could have pinned me to the ground and nobody would know, i could have bled to death, thats why he carries his shot gun with him,
These animals and the boar are very wild and will turn on you.

I felt like i was back in school being told off.

But at the end of the day im ok and i hope that little deer (no bigger than my dog "henry") is enjoying his dinner and maybe we'll see each other again "across the field".

11 Jun, 2013

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