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shop sign idea


By dungy


Hi good food lovers,
Do you remember when the corner shop had that sign in the door window "OPEN/CLOSED and depending on the time of day it would read one side or the other?

Well today being a smashing day ive been out in the garden from 9am until 9pm “but at 11am” visitors arrived
(both non gardeners) and as one couple said
“As the shops are closed half day monday’s we thought we’d call round,
they stayed until 2pm,
It was as they we’re going and we like a pair of muffets stood at the gate waving i thought i think i’ll get one of those shop signs that says “Closed all day today”

I did get a lot done but nothing like what i wanted too.

Ive cleared the raised bed of a few weeds and planted more tom’s and cauli’s cabbage, & sweetcorn,

The idea was to get stuff out of the greenhouse,
we really are weeks behind and the seed bill will be a lot smaller this year as everything has sat in there for so long.

I really enjoyed the afternoon breeze and at one stage one of the dogs needed a little cuddle “as she really likes to feel loved” she went for two years"
locked in a cellar so no wonder she sometimes feels the need and i have to stop what ever im doing to give her that extra cuddle and talk to her,

As i sat on the garden bench chatting away to “bough”
i glanced up at the old oak tree and just caught sight of a sparrow hawk flying off with a young chick from a nest in its beak,
The other birds we’re going mad but like myself they couldnt do anything.
Nature can be really cruel sometimes and i wish i had’nt seen what ive just told you about “but i did”.

Im up early again tomorrow and im hoping to really get at the borders and all those weeds, i know ive plants hiding in there,

Well i hope your all having a good time in your gardens and enjoying this nicer weather,
So all thats left for me to say is “CLOSED” until same time tomorrow.
Regards Dungy.

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Love your tale and I know exactly who I could aim the open/closed bit at!
We too have visits from the sparrowhawk, but luckily he/she (think it's a she) seems to restrict herself to the pigeons, so (without sounding like a murderous fiend) I am happy about that. We have so many wood pigeons that a few on the menu of the sparrowhawk won't even put a dent in the population.
With young they obviously take them away, with pigeons you find the feathers in heaps under the trees - before they take them away.
I suppose we should be grateful that our gardens are diverse enough for a visit from the sparrowhawk, if they were sterile envirionments they wouldn't bother to visit.
We don't even try to go the vegetable route as it would be too much trouble with pirating pigeon gangs!

4 Jun, 2013


Hi Honeysuckle,
I really enjoyed your reply and like you i tend to forget im not 20 anymore,
Im ok bending down put returning to the upright possition is "Well if you've ever been on the canal boats and you have to do the locks and you hear that clicking as you fight to turn the handle!!!!!!!!

"Thats a bit like me trying to stand up after 20 mins bending over."

Ive done a bit on tonights blog ref retirement and ive called it "Sow it, grow it and enjoy it."
Have a look and i think it says it all ref us old farts and being we're we are now.
Good look with the retirement.
And if nothing else "enjoy every minute of it".
Regards Dungy.

4 Jun, 2013


Hi Dungy
Love the blog we have sparrowhawks near our allotment for the first time this year and the the other birds have flown and our cabbages look great.

4 Jun, 2013


Had a real chuckle at this one Dungy cos if I'm in gardening mode I resent visitors taking up my precious time as well...

4 Jun, 2013

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