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By dungy


Evening slug hunters,
Weather first, its been warm (no thermals needed) but the suns been playing military games, ie in out in out
so you think “is it going to rain” and then its out again.

Like yesterday ive been in the garden all day and when i’d finished approx 9pm i stood back to admire what i’d done & then thought is that all ive done!!
Us gardeners never seem to do all we wanted to.

Now last night after the days gardening and a shower i sat down to watch a program i was told by our visitors i must watch “SKINT

For those who may not have seen it it’s about a lot of younger people and middle aged living on a housing estate and drink/drungs etc.
Most are out of work and the program made me think of my own life and how it was when i left school and we’re i am today “retired”.

I was born in a city “a slum area” but the difference was that everyone worked, some in shops /tate & Lyle the sugar people employed a lot of people / But no matter who you we’re you worked.

I left school at 15 and ive never drawn any handouts or taken drugs,
my gardening hobby shouldn’t have ever been because we didnt have gardens and so gardening didnt come into our street lives,
I watched that program and couldnt help but think "you people have no chance for a good future retirement because your putting nothing in the kitty “just taking every penny you can out of it”
And you children? No chance.

I enjoy reading the blogs from people who have retired and inspite of the scars of age they’re still enjoying the gardening and asking for nothing.

It’s very true when you think of it "you sow your future seeds in as much as work and cut your cloth to fit your life style,
you grow as you go along and look ahead as to what you’d like to have or become (no free meals)

And like myself and many members on this forum if you kept going by the rules "you’ll get to the retirement and its then you enjoy all you worked & planned for?

Maybe a few aches here & there "but " thats an age thing and not a drug use result.

I feel no guilt for what i have and it all came about through a working class wage pkt and never any £million pound bonus for doing a bad job as seems the thing of today.

For those who have managed to get to retirement age and enjoy it! Good on yer you’ve earned it and your getting something back of what you paid in all those years of working.

Regards and good gardening “Dungy”.

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Hi Dungy
I am in my late 40s now and I have never been on any benefits always managed to keep working although I now work at our local Tesco and have had to take a massive salary drop from when I taught IT but its work and at least I can pay my way. I have watched skint and think that some of these people have no future never mind a retirement. These people have been put on a scrap and been left rot there by the last few governments .I feel for the youngsters who have no job or future it must be heart breaking leaving school with the prospect of not getting a full time job because they is no jobs or leaving university with a degree and not getting a job appropriate to your qualifications and also in massive debt just for good measure who is to blame? Its society for letting the state of play get to this and unfortunately it’s our youth who are going to pay the price for generations. Is they an answer? I don’t know

4 Jun, 2013


Hi steve,
I must admit your right ref the kids and the future,
I remeber when i left the Army (i joined because not much future in Liverpool at the time)
But on leaving at the rank of sergeant and a load of nasty experiences to add, sight's that really did give many night's of bad dream's Only to find no help finding work and a hard time ahead trying to settle in civvi street,

But thats to a dump of a first buy very cheap house "with a garden that had not been touched for years
i found an escape in gardening, "or should i say trying to clear up a garden and wondering we're all this junk went ref gardening" ie old tyre's, car battery, skip loads of house bricks and rubble, old tesco trolly etc etc etc,

Every night after work and weekends i was sorting the garden out or the house out.

And then thinking about growing things "but how do you grow veg, "? how do you plant tins of tomato's and make them grow!!!

That was a long time ago and thanks to the gardening bug i managed not to drink my wages away, but make a home/a life and stay out of trouble,

And the dreaming & sights changed to that of garden plots and peace perfect peace.

I think its only right to say its not just getting the jobs but being over looked when it came to taking that next step up,
I was asked on two occasions to train the son' of my employer so he could be my boss and after the training i was expected to carry on until the next son came along and do the same again,

I decided enough was enough after years with the same company and gave in my notice,

"WHY" are you leaving us, do you want a rise, what can we do to keep you!!!? "

Your like one of the family to us"

More like the poor relation you get in every family,
I left and started my own one man company and within 3 years employed 15,
It opened more doors and problems trying to get the bank to back you and emplyees that not only wanted a wage packet every week "but who wanted to work".

I swear it was gardening and my allotment friends who kept me in a normal head, (if anythings normal in this world)
As ive said you have in my mind to "Sow it, grow it, and then after time spent and while you still have both health and some time left "Enjoy it".

Keep going my friend your doing it right,
regards Dubgy.

5 Jun, 2013


That programme was set in my town and can I just say I and many others were disgusted with it! It did not portray the town in a good light at all, I must take some photos of the parks and even the roundabouts the council do a wonderful job of keeping them looking beautiful. Channel 4 want shooting in my opinion!

5 Jun, 2013


Same old problem, journalists looking for sensation to write about ! Good for you Sewingkilla, speak up !

5 Jun, 2013


Hi all
and many thanks for you smashing replies,
I m sure you feel hurt by the tv program, and i wouldnt dream of thinking everyone from that area are all the same,
I know people like to see the bad side of life and this problem of drugs/drink sex and rock and roll will just get worse "lets not fool each other" you'll always get someone who isn't interested in trying.

But as long as you can laugh and take life for what you make it, you halfway there.

BE GOOD Dungy.

5 Jun, 2013

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