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You can't grow concrete cabbages


By dungy

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Good morning happy people, and pets.
Well its pouring down yet again here in france and after today its goodbye to May.

Yesterday’s blog from myself was about leaving your home & garden to move on and the sad thoughts that can come about such an experience,
Well one of our friends on this forum “Lovebug”
you know her the one with a lovely yorkie you’d just die for, (Smashing looking little thing)

Well this lady went back and passed what was her lovely garden and it was no more, it had been concreted over.
What a shame,

where we lived the council started to look into all this concreting over front gardens due to drainage problems
ie when they did have heavy rain the water wasn’t draining away properly and even with the concreted car parking area people still parked in the road.

Ive always had one big thought when buying any house,
and its Location, whats to see when you look out of the window,
can i go and sit in my garden and not have neighbours looking through their windows at me.

We’ve always bought old houses and done them up and always with a bigger garden than the one we’ve left behind.

The house we live in now was empty for 25 years and needed a lot doing to it, but the views are of fields/trees and wild life, The air is clean and fresh and all these things you dont pay for,
the views, fresh air come for free “but you can enjoy them everyday”.

I feel a lot of future good can be had by thinking what your doing when you do decide to move, you can’t pick your neighbours just like you cant pick your parents so if your a loud person or you dont want to hear neighbours then dont have any,
same goes for animals you may enjoy them but others may not.

Having a place to grow your veg and or flowers is not only a nice hobby but can save you a small fortune after all we all have to eat,
but i found in the past nothing more annoying than plants broken because johnny next door wanted his ball back, or fruit trees being seen as a free for all for the local bandits.
And the worst of all is the BBQ, weather and the blasting of a radio.
Dont get me wrong im not a Mr grumpy “but” i do respect others and their peace,
But as you get older even that sound of a big fly can drive you to crawling up the walls, and if you cant get him!!!!!!!!! well it’s then you really know why you just like to garden in peace perfect peace.

But to see or hear your last garden is now a carparking concrete slab is really sad,
I was give one very good tip from a good friend once and it was this,

“If you see a little pocket of land for sale and you’d like it to garden on, try and buy it and keep in mind,

there not making anymore land.

Very true, they dont make land these days “just concrete slabs”.

Have a nice one folks.

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We have ended the month with a beautiful day Dungy, 8pm now and its back to stormy sky..
I've lived here for over 40yrs, if I had to move no matter what the reason, I know it would be unbearable to revisit......

31 May, 2013

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