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Selling your house and the garden.


By dungy


Hello manure lovers,
Well the weathers much the same as yesterday “wet”
And so apart from my rhubarb leaning over ive little news ref “My” garden today and so i thought I’d both share and ask about those of us who have sold houses in the past and left behind years of memouries and tree’s you had to say goodbye too..

When we sold our home in north-wales we"d lived there for 27 years, the garden was an acre and when we first moved in it had been home to “E-Orr” a donkey,

So as im sure you can imagen not many flowers “except wild ones we call weeds” and a few apple trees "Oh and “E-ORR’S” shelter.
Over the years i transformed that field into a beautiful garden and a veg plot,
It was’nt easy

“who ever said gardening is” and as well as working all week at work and only having some evenings and weekends “if the weather would allow” to change a field into a man-made garden can take time.

A lot of the shrubs and small trees we’re bought monthly from the likes of our local “Woollies” and as time went by i found the garden centre’s
both near and far and by the time we we’re ready to sell we’d not only had a garden full of all a garden should have,

“But a few resting places for our own pets that had passed away” but also some local kids who’s dad’s didnt garden and they thought the odd Hampster, kitten, & "Bob the gold fish should rest in our garden.

The first viewing was one bank holiday (17) viewings over a four day period,
The women seemed taken with the inside of the house “but” the men with the tool shed / Greenhouse and garden,

One couple turned up and the man was on a zimmer frame,
He was about 70yrs old and his first words when seeing the lawn and laurel screened garden was,

“And who the hell’s going to cut this grass if we buy???”

Another man tried to make out he was a keen gardener and said he really liked that rose!!!!! “it was a ribe”

later on as we checked out the greenhouse he saw the wire i had for climbing plants and he remarked about it was a good thing to dry the washing in the greenhouse.

Some viewers asked if the lawn mower, and all tools would be part of the sale?

But most came for just a nose, And one bloke said they wanted to see how big an acre was.

When the house was sold & we said our last goodbye it was a sad time “not for saying goodbye to the house”

But the pets resting in the garden "i even felt bad about mowing over one bit of the lawn because i knew one of the local kids “kitten” was under there"

And our own faithful gang of old pets we’re all there
all in their own special places and we both knew we could’nt take them with us,

Even looking at one or two tree’s i’d planted as very small saplings had grown and provided shelter and a home to christ only knows how many birds over the years.

I still believe the garden sold that house and i was wondering
" am i mad" or did this sort of thing and thoughts happen to any of you lot?

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Funny Dungy, we have very recently decided we want to move and have started tentatively looking at areas we might like to move to.But, it has started to bother me in last few days how I would feel about leaving my garden behind!!! difficult..I think.
The guy who asked re one acre....did you kick him between the legs and say well that's what two acre(achers) feel like!!????

30 May, 2013


Its hard to leave your plants behind. Since 1995 we had to move every five years so nothing ever came to maturity. And one garden still must have my wedding ring under the rhubarb.

30 May, 2013


oh no steragram I can't believe you lost your ring!
My diamond fell out of my engagement ring when I dropped in on the hard floor but I was lucky enough to retrieve it! I pretty much don't wear my rings at the weekend, as I spend too much time outside just now :)

Dungy - I agree, I'd love to move to a bigger house and a bigger plot, but I've put too much work in and I want to see things mature......

Paul - Ha, ha will remember that one....good luck house hunting, it is exciting..just go for will know "the one" when you see it!It could be 3 months or 3 years......

30 May, 2013


Hi folks,
Paul I must tell you that one of the people who did come to see the house was a police woman, and about a year pre us selling up i was in a pub and it was a lock in (people drinking after closing time)
Anyway this police woman came over to our table picked my glass up and ask "And what are you drinking ?"

I replied thanks very much i'll have a gin & tonic,
everyone burst out laughing and i'd forgot her face,

But when she & her husband came to see the house my wifes telling them about the local schools and places of interest when the policewoman said and I bet your husband drinks g&t!!

After they'd gone my wife said "what a strange woman she was, saying things like that".

I'd forgotten what she looked like in uniform & it was only when she made that remark i rememberd who she was.
Small world isn't it.

30 May, 2013


I still miss my first garden,it was not very big but I loved it,went back some years ago and had to pass it and they had torn it all up and concreted it over,still makes me sad to think of it

31 May, 2013


I am never going to leave my garden, well not unless I am in a wooden box. I have made sure the will states that I want my ashes scattered in my garden too. lol hope the kids do as I wish. lol else I shall come back to haunt them. lol hope I live for many years with lots of fun and sunshine to keep my bit of happiness growing well. I would have cried if my garden had been concreted over it has taken years to get it to look like it is now and I cannot think that concrete would do my soul much good.

31 May, 2013


I think 3 years is looking most likely at the moment Sarah.....everything has at least one drawback and that's before we've even started viewing!!

31 May, 2013


I couldn't bear to leave my garden and hope to stay in this house which I've lived in since I was three years old and tend it for the rest of my days:)

1 Jun, 2013


I can't bear to think of moving from my garden which I have developed from scratch, but I know I will have to some day. In that case I will ask the real estate agents to advertise only for garden lovers, interview them about plants and only if they pass will I hand it over! :o) Or wait, I will first advertise here!

4 Jun, 2013

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