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Dont forget the concrete gardeners


By dungy


Hi folks,
Well once again rain today but ive been in the greenhouse and thats it ref gardening "But at 9am

I took “Roxanne” (german shep) to the vets to have her stitches out (she had a growth inside her stomech) and inspite of her being a big dog she’s a real wuss really, she wouldnt get out of the car, they seem to know when they’re at the vets,

6 other dogs we’re inside waiting to see the vet and a cat
and yet not one dog barked and the cat just looked.

It reminds me of the times i drove past those high flats just off the M6 motorway, (Birmingham area)

I was once stuck in a right old jam "nothing was moving as a pile up 9 miles further on had caused the motorway to come to a standstill,

I have a large car and carry a small electric kettle and coffee etc in the car and after a police motor cycle rider came along telling everyone to turn off their engines until the traffic started to move i thought i’d make a cuppa and just wait,
Other motorist we’re leaning on the crash barrier’s smoking and talking,

The car infront had a black lady in it and as she got out to remove her coat i noticed she was a nurse,
Now i dont as the norm pick-up anyone but remembering when i was in a mess one time while i was in the army and the help given way beyound what was needed from the nursing staff i thought i’d offer her a coffee,
As we sat in my car and we enjoyed the drink i said those flats over there have a good view of the motorway,

She said do you see that second floor from the top!
the one with the pushbike hanging over the railings!!
Well thats how close i am to home (she lived in that flat)

After nearly 1 hour people started to get back into their cars and we both said goodbye and off we went in our seperate directions and different worlds,

Mine to a cottage in mid-wales a mile off the nearest road, No neighbours to be seen "nearest we’re a mile the way the bird fly’ a mountain behind the cottage and the nearest daily life other than my wife and then 2 dog’s we had ,
We’re the local sheep and that was about as much of living life we would see “by choice” maybe the odd hill walker every now & then.

The nurse i’d enjoyed a coffee and a long chat with lived in a block of flats and she told me she didnt like using the lift because she never knew who may be in it,
the stairs we’re a long climb and the smell of human urination was always there but she felt safer using those stairs,
When she was home and locked inside the flat she was in her own world and loved the views from her lounge.

I asked if she got a good tv reception that high up?
Oh yes, I love my TV and all the programs about gardening and countrylife,

I’d not said a word about the life style i lived.

But today because of waiting in the vets and reading a magazine and an article about all the flood damage in the uk and people who still today have not returned to their homes, their gardens,

It really is a good thing to not forget the way some people have to live and because of no fault of thier own doing.
When i look out of the house window’s as the rain pours down and think how badly done to i am because i cant get on with the gardening,

The M6 & a shared cup of coffee storm into my mind and i quickly pinch myself and think “thank my lucky stars” i have a garden to garden & the smells around all the front door to my home is of flowers, Lavender, the rose arch, the LIeyandi,

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That's a lovely story Dungy - I wonder if she has ever thought of you!

11 May, 2013


I'm sure she must have - we don't forget these little acts of kindness.It must have been very frustrating for her to have been stuck so close to home.

11 May, 2013


Hi Ladies,
Yes i hope she had a few seconds thought of the laugh we had while we enjoyed that coffee,

I really felt for that woman, the job she did and the fear of using her own lift to get to her little safe haven,

At work she only helped people in discomfort, lifted & layed for them,
In her place of comfort she feared inches outside of her own front door,
Not a bird in sight, and just concrete for her garden.
but she really bloomed when she laughed "those big white teeth & that shake when she really thought something was funny.
A lovley woman doing a great job and spreading warmth to everyone she meets.

12 May, 2013


Yes there is so much we take for granted and now and then as you have just done we need a little reminder .

12 May, 2013


I count my blessings every day I am able to walk around my garden> :O)

12 May, 2013


I cannot imagine life without my garden and know I couldn't live in one of those flats you have described Dungy, in fact I would never be happy in a big city at all, I guess its what one is used to....
It is a lovely story and I bet she does remember her coffee break and chat whilst stuck in traffic so near to home...

14 May, 2013

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