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Greetings all " Have you tried russian"?


By dungy


Well its been a half day today,
When i say half day i mean its rained half the day and threatend to rain the other half.

Ive done a bit in the greenhouse ie filled 6 window troughs with tagete’s and did a little bit of weeding
But really i do need a good weeks worth of sunshine to get on with the big weed, (The borders)

All i seem to be seeing is weeds “even the book im reading is more about weed than anything”
It’s a book about one of the rolling stones “Ronnie wood”
and most of the time he’s talking about weed,
A different kind of weed to what you and me talk about but its still that word “WEED”.

Please if anyones up there???? Could you send us some sunshine? please.

Well ive asked for all of us, Lets see if it works.
The greenhouse is looking good and the tomatos are really taking off,
the Russian variety tomato’s are coming along just fine and ive re-potted them tonight into a 5 inch pots and because of doing this it gave me a chance to see for myself the root system and i must say they’re looking nice,
These russian tomato’s i first came across at a tomato festival here in a little french village one sunday afternoon,
I was really surprised to see all the verious things you can do with tomato’s and tried tomato wine, jam, chutney, pudding, soups etc it was then i saw these very dark coloured tomato’s and the stall holder said try one,
It was really smooth and sweet taste and when you have it with cheese it was really nice.
So this year ive decided to grow my own from seed to see if i can match what i had at the festival.

Well tomorrows the start of the weekend and its forcast showers on saturday.
So i’ll just say good night and hope your gardens growing good.

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Love reading your blogs Dungy...keep them coming!

10 May, 2013


Thank you Andrea,
I like to talk gardening and general "what i call happy" chat,
I feel we have enough bad things going on in the world without being part of them.

So laugh and the world see's your fillings,
Cry and the world know's you dont carry tissues in your pocket.

(wouldn't you think this forum would have a few smilies for us to use!!!!)

Begood regards,

11 May, 2013


We have asked Dungy but resort to making our own. :0)
Only problem is getting a crick in your neck. :0(
so boo to them. :-p)

When I saw your blog I thought about rusin......
Never does any good rushin about.....just meet yourself coming back! ;*)

11 May, 2013


I'm growing the 'Black Russian' tomatoes for the first time this year too Dungy!!!! fancy that :-) mine look good to, I'm excited now as I've never tasted them, I got my seed from a seed swap on another garden chat site along with lots of other lovely things, think they came from Canada.

11 May, 2013


Oooops sorry just been potting mine on and they're 'Japanese Black Truffle' not 'Black Russian' a senior moment I think :-)

11 May, 2013


Hi Simbad,
That sounds great ref the japansese toms,
I know it'll be a few month until your trying them out for taste "but please please put a blog up and let us know your thoughts ref what you think out of 10,

11 May, 2013

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