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Just a big thank you,


By dungy


Good afternoon salad lovers and flower sniffers,
I’d like to say a big thank you to the three people who sent replies to my yester blog ref the garden tv programs,

I like you have learnt many moons ago that good quality tools are the best buy in the long run & i agree that half the time we who buy “named makers” dont know of other brands because we’ve been it in the past thinking we we’re getting good tools when in fact they turned out rubbish and cost us more in the end,
you are correct and im pleased you have the balls to stand up and say what you have,
Well done,

XELA, Again a woman who is talking for woman power, she has said she has no interest in engines and her husband was the “Techy” one in the family,
(at first i thought he had some kind of skin trouble (techy)
it sounds sort of ichy" but after a thought or two i ‘Got what she was talking about,
Well XELA, if you saw what your paying for when you take some of your machine or even just tools for sharpening to the repair you’d soon know your being ripped off because of your lack of “very very simple know how”
honest you’d be amazed at the hourly charges “including tea break time” your paying for things that take minutes, ie someone i was friendly with took her lawn mower to the repair shop for a sparking plug tobe change for a new plug, cost of the plug being taken out and a new plug put in plus the supply of plug cames to
I asked how this charge came about,
£18_00 labour
£7-00 plug and the rest V.A.T.

The time to unscrew the old plug and fit a new plug would approx 15min, but i was told we only charge by the hour even if it took 1 minute we still charge £18-00
plus V.A.T

Again came up with the comment of how many programs we dont have ref gardening on the tv.

And the fact that gardeners question time has been going for years “yet” the powers tobe have never had this very same radio program on the tv. “WHY EVER NOT
Im sure the listening numbers must show these powers to be ref the BBC tv “this would be a big hit”.

Well thank you all for your replies and i think you all have been honest and done yourself proud.

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Have to admit to being a stick in the mud as regards my tools, if one breaks down completely and needs replacing I will do my damndest to replace with the same tried and tested make, knowing my make has a good spares replacement is also a must just in case, it does help knowing my hubby is capable of replacing new part if neccessary and saves a fortune, last time I attempted to get my mower fixed at the shop I was informed it was cheaper to buy a new one because of the labour charge and that was by the owner of said shop, need say no more....

30 Apr, 2013


I for one hope they don't move GQT to the telly, because we haven't got one and its the only gardening programme on the radio. .
I must have missed the blog this one is talking about, but agree about buying the best tools you can afford. There is a real pleasure in using a good quality item, especially things with cutting edges.

30 Apr, 2013

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