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By ducky


Today I feel like I have a new group of friends, thanks to everyone who has sent me a message, I really do think Im going to enjoy the community atmosphere here in GOY land!

I was asked if we get floods as we are next to a brook – yes we do. But fortunately it doesnt cause too much of a problem to the garden, the deck goes under and the lower lawn area where my greenhouse is get swamped. The thing is though we have found ways round that. The lower lawn (that can just be seen in the photo (newly laid lawn) is artificial grass laid over sand and aggregate so it doesnt get damaged by too much water! We put it down as that area was all hardcore when we moved in and it had been previously used as a car parking place – having so much other stuff to get sorted we couldnt be bothered with digging all that out for a lawn. The ‘lazy lawn’ works brilliantly, we can still park on it when we need, the kids can play on it as much as they want without getting muddy, it drains well, it doesnt need cutting (only vacuuming with the leaf collecter every now and then).

All my snowdrops have opened now – they look super, and they are rather special to me as they came from my grandmothers garden in Yorkshire, so each cheery little bloom reminds me of her.

I have also rotivated out the mini veg plot – the soil has come up beautifully, dark, crumbly and judging by the productivity of the neighbouring plots it is quite good growing stuff.

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Hello Ducky.
Good to know you're enjoying GoY. :o)
Very interesting reading about your artificial lawns ~ its uses and how it works for you !

Seems you live in a good growing area for flowers and veg.

Have you planted any other flowers besides the snowdrops from your grandmother's garden ? I have special flowers from my mother's gardens.

25 Feb, 2009


Hi Ducky welcome to GOY, it is very friendly, and lots of tips and advice when needed...only thing is can be a bit addictive lol i think more or less every member has burnt there dinner at some point while logged on here lol. i look forward to reading and seeing more about all your garden adventures.

25 Feb, 2009


Hello Ducky, my best friends mother used to call me that! She was quite a joker. I like the idea of your artificial lawn, make it look more natural but can still be used, by the kids or emergency parking space. With 4 cars in our driveway all the time I can understand that need!
I know you will enjoy GOY and the wide range of members from pros to enthusiastic newbies!

25 Feb, 2009


Hi Ducky, it's nice to meet you. I hope you get some photos of your garden on GOY soon!

25 Feb, 2009


Hi Ducky. I'm glad you are enjoying GOY. We do have a lot of fun on here as well as picking up tips, having our questions answered and trying to help other gardeners. Maj is can be very addictive. LOL
enjoy!! :o)

26 Feb, 2009


Yes, you'll like it here I think.
It's nice you have something from you grandmother's garden. I do aswell. I hope you've told your children about it.

26 Feb, 2009

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