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By donnah


When we first moved to our house we did not have a lawn it was a complete mess. Brick rubble loads of nettles and a lot of hard work from my mother and my partner and myself. Since then we have been working hard to getting it looking good.This year I have killed the dandelions

I then used a scarifyier to pull up all the dead stuff

and reseeded the whole area

and so far this is this the progress we have made

Do the Goy members remember my blog on Gob Smacked? It was about my neighbour who came round my garden and pulled my lawn and garden to bits. Well I might just ask him round for a cuppa and show of all our hard work, We will see what he has to say?????

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What a Cheek, pulling your garden to bits, Invite him over Donnah :))) He will eat his words...

31 Jul, 2009


I so need to do this to my lawn.
It looks great.

31 Jul, 2009


Ask your neighbour round and he'll turn the same colour as your lawn GREEN .

31 Jul, 2009


Could do with you here Donnah,my bottom lawn is very patchy due to moss that I,m getting rid of, had a chuckle when I read this blog because I can remember you writing about your neighbour ,Ydd is right ask him round..Great improvement,well done...........

31 Jul, 2009


i think he had a nerve saying anything its just not what anyone would do, so cheeky, anyway it can choke on his words now lol, its so lovely, your lawn, your plants, flowers, need i go on donnah, everything looks fantastic, well done you :o)

31 Jul, 2009


Your garden looks fabulous Donnah....well done, and one in the eye for your neighbour, lol :))

31 Jul, 2009


I think he has a nerve too Sanbaz, b***** cheek :(

Your lawn (and garden) looks lovely Donnah :))

1 Aug, 2009


It looks wonderful Donnah, all that hard work has really paid off. My own grass (it isn't up to calling it a lawn) is full of all kinds of odd things. Is a scarifier the answer do you think?

1 Aug, 2009


I need you, as well, Donna! My trouble is the size of the grassed areas - to kill off all the dandelions would take weeks, let alone all the other treatment you've done!

Oh wow, though - such a difference. It's looking so good now! Make him eat grass - the silly man!

3 Aug, 2009

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