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By donnah


When we moved into this house this box was as tall as me and falling on its side,I have been cutting it for 5 years now and can not deicide what it should be as I am going to shape it into some thing nice

This is he (I call it a he as it wont do as it is told all the clipping in the world does not seem to make a difference)

Untill I got these out that made it sit up and think???????

I no it looks a bit odd in shape but I have been planting bits of box in the bald areas and it has finally caught up. So what do you think? Do I go for a train type theme or perhaps a catapillar?

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waynot make it into the shape of a castle wall it looks a bit like it now

29 Apr, 2009


Ok Mum will give it a go How do I do a draw bridge and a moet?

29 Apr, 2009


A caterpiller would be hard I think, as you'd need to make it's sides curved. Well done on it so far!

29 Apr, 2009


Thanks craftcutter what would you do with it?

29 Apr, 2009


How about a down-trodden man? :-D

29 Apr, 2009


Yep need one of them Can he cut box in to a nice shape? If so send him round

29 Apr, 2009


good job, cut it shaps like your chickens HELLO way too much work, You did a very good job. Now you need a break.

29 Apr, 2009

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